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Pokémon Sleep prepares a Valentine's treat for trainers, with a selection of Valentine's Day Bundles available in the in-game shop from February 11th

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Chikorita, Jigglypuff, and Slowpoke, with the items from a Valentine's Day 2024 Bundle L
Pokémon Sleep's Valentine's Day 2024 event will start on February 12th. Ahead of the start of this event, from February 11th at 4:00am (UTC), a selection of special Valentine's Day 2024 Bundles will be made available from the in-game store. These bundles will remain available until one day after the end of the event, on Tuesday February 20th at 3:59am (UTC).

Each player may only purchase a limited quantity of each of the available bundles.

Up to 3 Valentine's Day 2024 S can be purchased by each player, for 250 diamonds each. Each bundle will contain:
  • Poké Biscuit ×2
  • Friend Incense ×1
  • Ingredient Ticket S ×2
  • Handy Candy S ×3
Each player may only purchase a single Valentine's Day 2024 Bundle M, at a cost of 1,200 diamonds. These bundles will include:
  • Poké Biscuit ×20
  • Ingredient Ticket M ×3
  • Absol Incense ×1
  • Bulbasaur Incense ×1
  • Slowpoke Incense ×1
Players may also only purchase a single Valentine's Day 2024 L, at a cost of 3,000 diamonds. These bundles will include:
  • Great Biscuit ×20
  • Ingredient Ticket M ×5
  • Chikorita Incense ×2
  • Pinsir Incense ×2
  • Jigglypuff Incense ×2


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