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Pokémon Sleep receives extended maintenance ahead of update to Version 1.0.6

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Pokemon Sleep - Update Notice
An extended maintenance for Pokémon Sleep began today at 1:00am (UTC), ahead of the planned update of the software to Version 1.0.6. This maintenance period, which is expected to last until roughly 5:30am (UTC), was originally announced for August 24th, but was delayed one day for unknown reasons. The Version 1.0.6 update implements a variety of quality of life changes for app users on both Android and iOS devices, as well as resolving several issues that have impacted sleep tracking.

According to the patch notes posted to the official Pokémon Sleep account on X, the following fixes and changes are made in Version 1.0.6:
Points to Be Updated (Some of the items) said:
Game Contents
  • Implementing the Good Sleep Day event, starting Wednesday, August 30
  • Broadening the conditions required to meet one's bedtime so that players can meet their bedtimes by starting sleep tracking up to 90 minutes before or 30 minutes after their set bedtime
  • Implementing night mode for the loading screen
  • Adjustments to graphic quality settings to include four levels (settings will be divided more finely than before, to help with performance and power usage)
  • Adjustments to the Research Community so that the player is returned to the same scroll locatioon when they look at a friend's research and then return to the Research Community screen
  • Decreasing the amount of data for new users to download when they register
  • Adding a function that notifiesd the player on the home screen when a Good Camp Ticket's effects have ended
Sleep Tracking
  • Adjustments to make it possible to conduct sleep research even when damage to sleep data causes sleep tracking to fail
  • Addressing an issue that caused sleep duration measurements to be significantly shorter when the SLumbering stage was not detected during sleep tracking
  • Further optimization of power use during sleep tracking.

These changes are not necessarily exhaustive, and other changes may have also been made. As we've noted with previous updates from this development team, this level of openness and transparency about the app's development pipeline is very much appreciated. In particular, we commend the developers for their effort to clearly communicate their progress on resolving the problems players have been experiencing.


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