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Pokémon Sleep's next Good Sleep Day event will begin the week after next, on Tuesday December 26th

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Good Sleep Day Artwork, showing Snorlax and Pikachu sleeping in a snowy landscape
Pokémon Sleep's fifth Good Sleep Day event will run from Tuesday December 26th through to Thursday December 28th. Good Sleep Day events are being held in Pokémon Sleep once every lunar month, starting the day before the full moon, and ending the day after. As usual, a Good Sleep Day Bundle will be available from the in-game shop alongside this event.

Sleep Report: Volume 4
Average sleep durations of players during the most recent Good Sleep Day event in November were a mere 3 minutes and 51 seconds longer than average compared to sleep recorded in the Pokémon Sleep app on other days, significantly down from the 8 minutes and 26 seconds observed in the third Good Sleep Day event, and well below the peak of the 11 minutes observed during the debut Good Sleep Day event.

Event Bonuses
Players will receive the following bonuses on the first and last days of the Good Sleep Day event:
  • Drowsy Power x1.5
  • Pokémon Sleep EXP x2
  • Bonus Sleep Points +500
These bonuses will be increased further for Wednesday December 27th, the day of the full moon, to:
  • Drowsy Power x2.5
  • Pokémon Sleep EXP x3
  • Bonus Sleep Points +1000
Players should also note the following for this event:
  • The daily rollover for each Good Sleep Day event is at 4:00am local time.
  • Event bonuses for this event apply regardless of which site players conduct their sleep research in.
  • Bonus Sleep points are only received for the first sleep session in a day.
  • Event bonuses apply only for sleep tracking that begins within the event period, and do not apply to sleep tracking during the tutorial, or to sleep data tracked before the event, even if the player waits to review their sleep research after the event has started.
  • Sleep data tracked during the event will receive event bonuses, regardless of if the player waits to review their sleep research until after the event has concluded.
  • All Good Sleep Day bonuses stack multiplicatively with bonuses from other sources such as Incense items.
Good Sleep Day Bundle Vol. 5
Good Sleep Day Bundle Vol. 5
A new Good Sleep Day Bundle will be available at a price of 1,500 diamonds in the in-game shop from December 25th at 2:00pm local time, offering the following selection of items:
  • Growth Incense x2
  • Luck Incense x2
  • Focus Incense x2
  • Great Biscuit x9
This bundle will be available for purchase through to December 30th, at 2:00pm local time.


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