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Review S17 EP48: A Campus Reunion!

re: S17 ep 48 "A Campus Reunion!"

Ah, another episode to add to the list of Clemont episodes I love. (Which would be all of them so far.)

First of all, I think it's safe to say that Clemont is a child prodigy. The dude has been making inventions since he was a young child, and they're being utilized in cities! His final project for school was a ginormous machine that provides power to electric-type Pokemon! Makes me question now why he can't make an invention that doesn't blow up after 5 secs, but whatever. I'm too amazed to think about it. Also, nice return of the marriage gag. Haven't seen that in a while.

Clemont’s backstory with Shinx was so touching. They were so close that Clemont even made a cake for him. I felt so bad for Shinx when Clemont was called to go with the Mayor before he could even tell him. And he looked so happy too…ugh. (And I was also curious as to why the mayor began preparing a dinner for Clemont in the middle of the day, but I suppose that’s not important:p)

Ok, I think they’re making Clemont’s dialogue just a bit too proper and advanced. Seriously, saying “your hypothesis is correct” instead of just “I think you’re right”. I don’t think he spoke this proper in the games. I get that he’s a scientist, but he’s still a kid. Anyway, I loved the scene where Clemont shielded Luxio from the attack and then when Luxio decided to battle with him. I didn’t expect him to lick his face like that either. It was so sweet. That being said, it was pretty anticlimactic to see them just finish off TR and blast them away with just one attack right after that. Oh, and I guess James’s little Inkay rhyme was okay today.

And dat ending. The fact that that brought Clemont to tears really shows how close they were. And we finish it off with another great bro moment with Ash. I know I’ve this a million times, but I love their bond. The episode was great and I give it a 10/10.
re: S17 ep 48 "A Campus Reunion!"

So Team Rocket's great big plan was to steal electricity, and somehow make money or get it to the boss, who is in Kanto? Not break in and steal the plans to make a copy, not take the Pokemon generating it (apart from mentioning Pikachu), but just getting electricity was somehow their big goal?

Also seems rather odd from the perspective that it implied that the entire town's electricity is sourced from electric Pokemon on the campus? If Clemont built all the wires for his network of Pokemon charging stations, wouldn't that have then been in parallel to an existing electricity network for the town?

I'll stop thinking about it and just focus on the cuteness of Shinx. I'll happily admit that Shinx from this episode has been my lock screen since the episode aired in Japan. The existence of Shinx counteracts any negative points the episode might have.

Clemont seemed to suggest his plan was to make Shinx his Pokemon after distracting it with cake (which would be a nice option in the next safari zone), I wonder if that was just 'travel along with' in the literal sense that he wanted Shinx to follow him home, or if Clemont in the flashback was supposed to be old enough to be a trainer?

I find it an odd capture given all of his other Electric types he has back at the Gym - it's really not filling a gap, so other than being a nice capture story, I wonder where things go from here?
re: S17 ep 48 "A Campus Reunion!"

Nice, very nice. Now that's a capture to do a fist pump over. The Shinx line is one of my favorites from Sinnoh.
re: S17 ep 48 "A Campus Reunion!"

Wow, this was one of the best episodes to date.

For starters, kudos, Clemont. You really do have quite a knack for inventing. You invented something that an entire city uses. Now THAT'S impressive. Most of those students were at least young adults, but the fact that Clemont was just a kid shows that he's really quite bright. And yet most of his inventions go kablooie. However, I think the reason behind that is that the Clemontic Shower and such were heavily thought-out and planned carefully, unlike the more on-the-spot inventions we're more familiar with. Probably when he thinks his ideas in a more thorough manner, they become extremely effective and highly regarded. If I had to guess, most of his other inventions are kind of spur-of-the-moment, just designed with a somewhat random idea he has and probably not well executed. But if he puts serious thought into it, his inventions can be huge game changers. Clembot also comes to mind as a well planned idea (though it did have it's glitch, so to speak, but that problem was later eliminated), so I think that when Clemont puts heavy thought into his ideas, they can be outstanding.

Anyway, moving on, even though the Shinx family doesn't "exist" in Kalos in the main games, I'm glad they put it in. The Shinx family is one of my favorite Electric families (the other being the Electrike family) and the most attention it's ever gotten is when Angie was around. So I'm glad they're putting some more focus on a high-potential family. And, dawwwww, young Clemont and Shinx were just adorable together. But dang, Clemont, you can't even kick a ball properly, yet you can build an invention that a whole city uses? And I thought I was non athletic and pitiful at anything sport-related. Talk about brains over brawn. But anyway, that's besides the point. But wow, I felt really sorry for Clemont and Shinx. That Mayor, what a pushy guy, not even giving Clemont a chance to do anything. If you ask me, that Luxio should've been mad at the mayor, since it was his fault that Clemont couldn't make it to their "meeting" on time.

Moving on, while this was probably one of TRio's better ideas lately, I'm still confused on how something that looked like two canisters strapped to Meowth's back could hold an entire city's worth of energy. That must be some impressive set of batteries or something. Though, to their defense, after all the time they've been BBQed by Pikachu, they probably do have at least some idea of how to contain large amounts of electricity in a carry-sized machines. And it's more discreet than a lumbering mecha, so I will say they've improved their methods over time. Doesn't mean that they'll succeed, of course, but they seem to be learning from past events, albeit slowly (and painfully). And during that battle, while cringe-worthy, James' rhyme did give net a chuckle out of me (hey, I'm famous for cringe-worthy jokes and puns, so it worked for me).

Continuing Clemont's and Luxio's relationship, both did sense early on that they recognized each other, though it took Clemont taking a Shadow Ball for Luxio to truly remember the good times he had with Clemont. That lick on the face was a nice touch, meaning that, despite possible grudges, he still does care. And the whole time that he was defending the system was to help keep Clemont's dream alive. Now that's devotion to a friend's dream. And I think I know why a single Discharge was enough to send the dimwit trio packing; it caused the electric container on Meowth's back to overload and explode. So it wasn't really the Discharge attack directly, but rather the two different electrical energy clashing and causing the machine to be overwhelmed and explode, sending TRio packing (and with more singe marks to add to their collection).

Clemont trying to make it up to Luxio and promising to meet up with it at the original spot in hopes to make amends with him was very touching, showing how much Clemont valued Luxio. Just like Ash said, just give Luxio a little more time and, boom, he shows up. Seeing Clemont's overjoyed expression and Luxio's big smile was the icing on the cake. A new/old friend has been added to the gang, Clemont strikes his victory pose, and the cherry on top was his bro moment with Ash. I swear, those two act more like brothers every day. I give it a solid 10/10.
re: S17 ep 48 "A Campus Reunion!"

I thought this was a really good episode. It was nice to see more about Clemont's backstory.

Am I the only one that finds it odd that they have a city basically dedicated to Electric-type Pokemon? That just seems so weird, though I guess it might not be so weird for other types like Water in certain places, so I guess it makes sense.

Hey, the marriage gag! Where've you been? Speaking of, how is it that Bonnie's never met this girl until now?

So Clemont's final research project was going to be something along the lines of: "The Future is Now, Thanks to Science"? Regardless, I liked the relationship he had with Shinx. It was nice how they became friends and helped each other out during Clemont's years of research. Speaking of the work, how the hell old was Clemont to be doing such work when he was even younger than he is now? He may not be able to build for crap, but he's certainly a genius if he can do that AND his research actually proved so beneficial that they took it and made use of it in the city.

Okay, this mayor dude...what's his problem? Can't he tell when someone's trying to tell him something? And yet he just pushes Clemont in the limo as if he's all fine and dandy when he clearly isn't? Clemont clearly established that he was on his way somewhere and had something else to do, seeing as he didn't agree to going along with him? And also Clemont, even in the limo, why didn't he speak up and say something that whole time they drove? AND WHO EATS DINNER IN THE DAYTIME?!

Anyway, for some damn reason, Team Rocket decide to start stealing electricity and I still have trouble comprehending the move animation for Thunder Fang on a Pokemon whose mouth can't even open that wide.

Okay, I understand that, hypothetically, it could have been any Luxio, but are the gang really that slow? The man just told them a story about meeting a Shinx as a kid and none of them think to suggest, "Hey, maybe that Luxio we just saw was your Shinx!" It shouldn't take that long for them to put two and two together, even if it was just a simple thought.

Moving right on along, Luxio confronts Team Rocket and along the way, Clemont decides to apologize for abandoning Luxio, yet doesn't even explain what actually happened and that it wasn't his fault for never showing up. Why not? It would have been so much easier to just tell Luxio exactly what happened than just say, "You were waiting for me and I never showed up." He's making it seem like he really did abandon it! Anyway, I like that Clemont gave Luxio the choice whether to meet with him again to join him or not on his own, as sort of way to make it up to him for never showing up that time all those years ago.

I'm at the very least glad Ash wanted to stay and wait for Luxio. It seemed like Bonnie and Serena really didn't care and were ready to leave when Clemont said he was fine. I thought it was touching that Luxio's return brought Clemont to tears. It's not very often we see this kind of emotion from him. In the end, it's nice to see another capture for Clemont. The group is really on a roll. A good episode, overall. 9.5/10.
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re: S17 ep 48 "A Campus Reunion!"

Eclorise what

A school just for electric types seems kinda needless and I don't believe it would have that many students.

Why would Giovanni want electricity

"Who's that Pokemon?" gee I don't know, not like they just told us twice

"the whole town is waiting for you at the restaurant." -that must be a pretty big one since when they said the whole town last time there were thousands of people.

Was an eh episode tbh, didn't really like it. Maybe Luxio can be a good addition.


In the UK, dinner is the 12pm meal and tea is the evening meal. Clearly that man is British.
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re: S17 ep 48 "A Campus Reunion!"

So much cuteness from this episode!!! I just loved everything about Clemont's story with that cute little Shinx! I was so happy to see Clemont capture one of my favorite Pokemon! Not only do we get Luxio joining the main cast, but an amazing episode for Clemont!

re: S17 ep 48 "A Campus Reunion!"

Very nice episode from an emotional point of view. When it comes to inconsistencies, though, the episode also had a few, unfortunately.

But let's start with the positive aspects. Clemont's and Shinx's story was really heart-warming to say the least. For some reason I'm into reunion episodes because I think friends in general shouldn't be separated but be together and the same goes for people and Pokemon. I also liked that the plot was developing instead of just "Here I am again. Let's travel together from now on!" You could see Luxio's disappointment and anger and how Clemont was emotionally tormented by it until there was a Happy End.

Although the main story was very good I can't help but mention some strange aspects, too:
How come Clemont could do and build all those things as a kid? I mean, yes, there are a few examples of child prodigies in history, e.g. Mozart who could compose music at the age of five. But I still, think this job is too difficult for one kid to accomplish.
Also, why was it so easy for TRio to just go to that tower and drain energy as if you could buy it at a supermarket, for instance? Maybe Clemont's invention wasn't that well-planned after all :p Where were the security measures? And I agree with the user who said that those two batteries could hardly save all of the city's electricity.

But again, the few nitpicks aside, it was a very nice episode, mainly because of the great and touching plot.Two friends are finally together again and I'm looking forward to seeing what Luxio is capable of doing as part of Clemon't team.
re: S17 ep 48 "A Campus Reunion!"

Yes Clemont was one amazing kid. My dad asked me "Do you think Clemont has autism?", yes he does, he shows the symptoms. Aww Clemont's relationship with Shinx is cute, reminds me of little Korrina and Riolu. Little Clemont's voice is ugly, he sounds like Cilan in a sound editor. How dare they cut out the "baby sister" part in the dialogue? Giving Luxio an english actor is unnecessary, it's the same as it was in the original.
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