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Review SM128: The Curtain Rises! The Alola Pokémon League!!

A slow pace exciting episode. Where everyone of it are now inside it. But we all know, Ash is going to lose. Worse part of the episode will be the off screen of Gladion and Team Rocket defeated Team Skull Grunts.

Overall episode: B-
Ditto. But next week there'll be more battles during the Alola Pokemon League unless they don't make them short.
Pretty much this. The actual league is officially starting next week, so when it comes to battles at least for the following weeks we should have plenty.

I do expect a lot of very short battles next episode, though, but that doesn't mean they won't probably take up most of its time anyway.
Lol, poor Mamane, replaced by Hau.
Looks like Guzma and Kukui had a bad break-up.
Kukui is traumatized for life, I wonder why.
Next week on sunday, this will be excited for the Alola League. Who agrees with me?

Oh, and this episode was nice as always, but just seen a smaller Marenie than Meowth. I give this episode a B.
I’m just sat here on a couch about to give the greatest sigh in the world that they didn’t do a Kalos and rush everything just to get to the battles early. That’s the one thing that this league has over that one (though it could all change with next week’s episode.

for the love of god don’t pull something silly on us Junichi)

Akemi Omode must have bought a notebook with him and scribbled down:

“Top 5 to do things for the first part of a League episode”

“1: Do not rush things to the max”

As per usual, Guzma was the highlight of the episode and it was interesting to see
that he and Kukui were previously Hala’s students.
The previews sure made this episode seem a dozen times more exciting than it ended up being. I almost fell asleep during the first half, and I only stopped dozing off because we got that short scene featuring Guzma and Prof. Kukui in the past. For a league debut episode, this felt more like sitting in a dental office waiting room while reading old copies of National Geographic magazine.
Omg I can't believe people didn't love this like I did?!

Forget Kukui and Burnet, Kukui x Guzma is now the ship to beat! What a tense, beautiful, heart-stopping break-up they had! I have had to listen to all the best hits of Keane to absorb my melancholic romantic feelings after that :cry::love:

TRio were totally priceless today:
  2. Them being all professional and customer service-y before kicking Skull ass, ugh <3
  3. When Musashi was complaining about Skull being predictable losers and Sonansu was freaking at her hypocrisy omg my introspective blue blob!!

It was really fun seeing lots of old characters as well. It genuinely makes me feel excited for the League. I reckon we've all set out bars so low that we're going to end up with a pleasant surprise now. Here's hoping!
A small detail I noticed with this shot...



One is missing. Foreshadowing?
A small detail I noticed with this shot...



One is missing. Foreshadowing?

I mean, there's only one realistic option for Sandy to evolve into given Lana's type specialty, so this foreshadowing is kinda inessential imo. It's the equivalent of predicting that the sun will come out tomorrow.
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