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Style your hair as wildly as your battles! Japanese haircare brand TANTO announces new collaboration with the Pokémon Card Game, in stores August 1st

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TANTO x Pokémon Card Game collaboration
On July 10th, NAKANO Seiyaku, a Tokyo-based corporation specializing in beauty supplies, announced a collaboration with The Pokémon Company's Pokémon Trading Card Game and their haircare brand TANTO. The collaboration, which will begin starting August 1st, features eight varied originally-designed haircare items that have taken inspiration from the eight types of Basic Energy cards present in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Bundled with every special-edition item is a two-card promotional card pack featuring one Pokémon and one Basic Energy card with TANTO branding. The cards included in the promotional pack will not necessarily be the same type as the branding on the item.

This collaboration, which is being launched with the motto "Now, onwards to the next you!", promises to allow fans to create a new look for themselves to suit their Pokémon TCG playstyle perfectly. The product lineup is as follows:

Nanako Styling Tanto Wax 5/6/7 PO :F::R::D:A wax that allows one to move freely with their hair bundled.
Nanako Styling Tanto Airlight Wax 4/7 PO :L::W:An airlike, light-feeling wax that one can move around for long periods of time.
Nanako Styling Tanto Grease 4 PO :G:A combination of fibrous materials sure to let one move freely and give a wet-hair look.
Nanako Styling Tanto Clay 8 PO :M:A clay that gives one a matte texture and the freedom to move freely with volume.
Nanako Styling Tanto Moist Cream 1 PO :P:A cream that creates beautiful-looking wet ends for bundled hair.

These products will be available for purchase from a variety of stores across Japan, as well as the online retailer Amazon, and will be rolled out sequentially to the following retailers:
  • Welcia Holdings-owned stores
  • Hands
  • Bic Camera
  • Pokémon Center
  • Yodobashi Camera
  • Loft
  • @cosme SHOPPING
  • Amazon
  • @cosme OSAKA (Fall 2023)
TANTO x Pokémon Card Game collaboration - Product Gallery

NAKANO Seiyaku has also announced a giveaway campaign as part of this collaboration, in which five lucky participants will be selected to win a set of all eight special-edition items, as well as one of the newly-released Pokemon Card Game Scarlet and Violet ex Start Deck packs. Fans can enter this contest by following the official Twitter account of NAKANO Seiyaku (@nakanoseiyakujp) and retweeting the official collaboration announcement tweet before July 17th at midnight Japan Standard Time.


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