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The BMGf username game


Dec 23, 2008
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  1. He/Him
So basically I just say a username of someone here, like Kiratwig, and then the next person will say a username that starts with the last letter of the previous username. So the next person says GrnMarvl13, which brings me to the next point, numbers and other marks do not count!, use the letter before or after. The exceptions are @, $ etc, wich can be used as A's and S's etc. Anyway, the next person will say a username with an "L" in my example.

And for your own fun, try to do it without looking at the name list ;) Anyway, enough instructions, let the game begin:

Mijzelffan (so the next username has to start with an "N")
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Re: The bgmf username game

So you mean, like, what, Nekusagi? And then the next one has to start with an "I" letter?
Re: The bgmf username game

uhmm, weedlemachairybug (id that was his full name)
Re: The bgmf username game

uhmm well uhm, I think someone here was named Edo-Kun.
Re: The bgmf username game

god, everyone's name ends with an "N" 0.0 anyway, I don't know any names anymore with an "N" so I'll just re-use one.

Re: The bgmf username game


Yay i got to do me!

If you can't do yourselves I'll edit my post.
Re: The bgmf username game

diryn! No fuck, that ends with an "N"...

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