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The Fakemon Laboratory

Sep 26, 2021
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I have no clue if someone else posted this before, but I guess I'll try.

How this game works is simple:
  • A user posts a Pokemon typing (One/Two types allowed.)
  • The next user to post comes up with a Fakemon name for the typing posted.
  • After they did that, they will post a new Pokemon typing, and then the cycle repeats!

  • You cannot post the same typing twice in a row (just to make it interesting)
  • Name meaning is optional
  • Follow all Bulbagarden and Fun and Games rules
  • And most importantly, have fun!

Let's start this off with a bang!

First typing: Water
Darvile 「ダービレ」, I could see it as a regional evolution of Delvil.

Gonfyre (gone + bonfire + pyre), the Campfire Pokémon.
It lives deep in the woods, just off the path of nearby hiking trails. It lures in lost Trainers by disguising itself as a nice spot to rest - then scares them off again, eating the food that they leave behind.

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Moxiter (moxie + monitor + boxer), the Electronic Pokémon.
This courageous Pokémon formed from the pieces of old, discarded computers. It's held together with toughened cords and wires, and can throw powerful electrified punches with its fists. Moxiter is known to use its strength to help protect abandoned Porygon and Rotom.

Eargic (Earthbend + Magic)
This Pokemon is said to be one of the past lake guardians. It uses its pixie dust to create earthquakes and it can bend the ground to create minions it can use to attack unsuspecting citizens.

Fanikinesis (from Spanish fantasma/phantom + telekinesis), the Telekinesis Pokemon.
It often moves things like Poke Balls and Potions around, scaring off Trainers. They have been thought to create robots it can directly control but so far there has been no definitive proof of this occuring.

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