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The OC thread

Oct 18, 2023
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  1. He/Him
  2. They/Them
sorry if this isn’t allowed or would be better suited to a different forum, but I’d really like to be able to see everyone’s ocs in one place :D

post your OCs! remember to use spoiler tags for large images and walls of text, you can link your artfight or toyhou.se type sites if you have them
My time has come!! I have both a Toyhouse and Artfight but they're unfinished and outdated, respectively :') I've shared a bunch of my OCs on my art thread but I don't like talking about them because 1. I don't draw them often, I'm a huge fanartist 2. I'm really shy about them... Sharing them feels like I'm being annoying haha 3. I explain myself like shit (Bad English gang rise up)
I'll try my best to talk about one of them, since I posted him several times in my art thread and it would be nice to provide more info about him :D
(Note: The moment I get my Toyhouse up and running I'll definitely share it here btw!! It will take me months because bach is kicking my ass but I'm working on it slowly lol)

TW: Violence (not images)
Captura de pantalla 2023-10-24 133207.png
He has an actual name btw... it's Zilar Gamesh. You often see him with this curly-haired woman, she's a friend's OC! Initially a Hiveswap OC, I rewrote him to hell and back and now he's part of an original story.
He's my son and I love him but he's also the shittiest guy alive. Long story short: he's built like an incel with a god complex, but he's so fucking stupid he's not aware of all the bad shit he does (EVIL HIMBO). As long as it doesn't hurt or offend him, it doesn't exist. He also kills his mum to impress the girl he likes (okay this is wayyy more out of context than I thought so: he's not human, his mum is not really a "real" mum but more akin to a colony queen) Said girl is the curly-haired woman, who is also a terrible person. They compliment eachother so well! (DEROGATORY)

Captura de pantalla 2023-10-24 133221.png
He's one of mummy's little special boys and works as a knight/bodyguard for her and her other children. He's got a rapier for some reason, even though these guys have more advanced weapons. He loves the aesthetic and dresses up as a matador and everything (cringe) People outside his work circle love him because he's a pretty nationalist guy but those who have to work with him hate his guts.

Captura de pantalla 2023-10-24 133754.png
Zilar with his rapier and his suit! Elegant man. Sorry for the low quality of this picture LOL. The upper text says: "Who cares if he has no morals when his hair is long and pretty!"

Captura de pantalla 2023-10-24 133803.png
Captura de pantalla 2023-10-24 133744.png
Here's Zilar as an Animal Crossing-looking wolf. The anemone girl is also curly-haired woman. Why a wolf? Because he has a weird silver motif (his name for example comes from zilarra, which means 'silver' in basque) and werewolves are hurt by silver. Plus other reasons but it's a veeeery long story, the silver one is the shortest and the biggest reason of them all.
^--- TLDR; I talk about my horrible son Zilar for a long time (sorry!)

If I ever lose my shyness I will try to draw and talk about my OCs more often hehe :')
Wonderful thread idea! Though I'll likely be sharing my own OCs in morsels at a time, I hope this is enough for now, I'll offer you two of them!
(ALL art for medicine that is not my own are GIFTS or COMMISSIONS I have permission to share.)

I have... WAY more than this but I don't want to flood you with images LOL. Medicine isn't my 'main' OC, but she is my mascot character and the face of my art as a brand if that makes sense. Her name is ripped from the character Medicine Melancholy from Touhou. (The blue haired girl present with her in some of these is a friend's OC). Medicine was originally going to accompany my main OC in a 4koma dark comedy series I just never got around to making but still have the lore sitting around somewhere for LOL. In some of these drawings her canon is not depicted, so I'll only go over her canon as the other is for Lobotomy Corporation, which feels a bit difficult to explain without prior knowledge.

Medicine (nicknamed Medi or Medi-chan) is a (terrible) nurse that works in a hospital that exists between the realm of the living and the dead (kinda like purgatory), her job (that she is terrible at) is to help heal souls so they can move on to where they need to go. She's something halfway between a demon and a zombie, as you may have noticed in some of these images her neck is bandaged up (it's detachable and liable to fall off!) and her skin is deathly pale. She's a troublemaker, and derives amusement from just being a pest to those around her, she's vulgar and likes to bully anyone she finds cute. Her special weapon(?) is a giant syringe she carries around that can heal anyone she punctures at the cost of the most excruciating feeling in the world! She also has a twin brother whom is also named Medicine who she hates very very much.

Who does she bother, you may ask?

Enter my persona, Wellness "Blanc" Walpurgis, the owner of said hospital (reluctantly) and thus inherited the thorn in her side known as Medicine. Wellness is a shut-in, who wants nothing more than to follow her dreams of becoming a prolific artist and fashion designer, and of course to sit in her room and draw BL all day. She is the 'straight-man' main character of the universe who often gets involved in the hijinks Medicine creates and thus she has to solve. One of her parents is a demon, the other is an angel, hence her strange circumstance of birth and why she doesn't live in Heaven or Hell's dominion and is stuck living in her manor in the in between. Not yet pictured is her crybaby butler and fallen angel, Illness, and his vampire ex-boyfriend Corrosive (Corro for short). Other manor residents yet to be shown are Chess and Cog! Maaaybe you'll see them later. Wellness' parents are absent, and thus left her to look after the hospital and all the woes involved with it. She's doing her best in between art pieces. (As you could probably tell, she contains the most facets of myself).

I do have Pokemon OCs as well! (They are Pokejinkas! But I currently don't have any updated art for them, so I'll be sure to come back to this thread to show you them later!)

Thank you again for this thread!
i have an oc who i will not send the image of because i need to remake my ref for her
her name is nat (might change) and she's a little robot. her whole thing is she woke up with amnesia in a junkyard and was found by other characters (who i haven't fleshed out much). she doesn't really know her purpose or identity and to her the only way to find out what she was made for is to find her inventor. BUT PLOT TWIST she was invented to be a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION by turning into a mechanized creature (rn i've been just been calling them demons but i want something more creative.. anyway they're like manifestations of hate and violence that the king uses to control the world). her inventor was sponsored by the king to create any robot he wanted and they'll get mass produced and he'll get fame and recogition, but behind his back she was being programmed to be evil when provoked. my other oc, naya, learned of this, let the inventor know, and he eventually went off the grid because he knew that the king would have him killed if found. so after nat's been found, she eventually gets on the royal guard's radar and her and the whole gang become fugitives (even more so bc they were already kinda criminals)
this is all a wip and will be tweaked but yeah
Here’s an Oc from my Pokémon fangame! It’s all a concept right now, and I’ll talk more about her in my blog, but this is Amaryllis! She’s the niece of the evil team leader of her region, and meets the player and two other kids (I’m not sure about names). She’s very judgey and critical, especially about fashion (your clothes are kind of a big thing in this game).
heres all of them!

I cant find a proper ref of her right now, but I will post one later! For now, here’s the female player character


Here’s a gym leader of the region (May or may not be based off of me)

edit: here’s a doodle I made of her with my finger!
This thread reminded me of those (color!) reference sheets I keep meaning to do for my characters. (Then I got reminded of how much longer color takes than pencil lineart, but...ahem). CAUTION: Many, many text walls ahead.

Anyway, I have a sort of project I'm working on, and the characters from it occasionally show up in my art here. I have way too many to share at once, but I thought I'd share a few reference sheets I've finished.
But first, a brief explanation of this mess:
This is a mixed fantasy/sci-fi world where one of the major features of the world is that the old medical theory of the human body being governed by four humours is true. Each humour is associated with an element, and the balance of humours in an individual's body gives them elemental abilities. A person might have a pair of dominant elements, or they might have a double dose of one element (such people are called Augments). People exercise their powers through their dominant hand; some elemental combinations cause a person to be right-handed (a Dextral) and some cause them to be left-handed (a Sinistral). Exercising the elemental powers is called "casting".

It might be worth noting that, while blood is one of the four humours in the original theory, it's replaced by "sanguine" here. Blood in this world is a nigh-mythical substance that blends all four humours together. The ancient "Dragons" had blood, but they were wiped out after a global cataclysm, leaving the world populated only by "Humans" with their comparatively mediocre elemental powers. (Air quotes because the relationship between the two species is more complicated than this, but I'm already going to have too many text walls in this post :enzap: )

Also possibly worth noting that, as in the real world, left-handed people are somewhat rarer. The Sinistral element combinations tend to be considered unnatural or at least undesirable by many cultures (which has unfortunately been true of left-handedness in the real world as well).

Those are the basic rules, but things CAN go wrong with a person's essence and elemental powers. How wrong? Weeeeellll...

This is Brisk, a very nice but chronically boring police detective. He's apparently an Air Augment (and therefore a Dextral), but literally can't cast to save his life. His aim is AWFUL. He is, however, rather skilled with the cerebral aspects of his element (Air often grants the ability to perceive other's emotions), which is useful for his job. He often wishes he could do more, though. Except...he can. But it's not exactly HIM. He had a little run-in with the eldritch Big Bad (TM) of this world when he was little and got his psyche cracked in half. And stuck in the half that's not Brisk are the neural hookups needed to use the secondary half of his essence, Earth. The essence is THERE, the parts of his mind the Brisk persona has access to just can't use it. (There is such a thing as half of a person's essence just being straight up missing, but that's a different issue...)

The problem with this situation (well, one of many problems) is that Air/Earth is a Sinistral combination, so Brisk is supposed to cast with his left hand. But his half only has access to Air, and Air alone is a Dextral cast. His body is horribly confused about what goes where, hence his terrible aim.

Side note: guns as we know them don't exist in this world. Their equivalent of guns (called bayonettes) have no built-in ammunition and instead fire the wielder's essence energy, concentrated into an elemental beam. It goes farther and hits more precisely than your average cast, but is much less versatile in what effects it can cause. It's just going to be elemental impact damage, nothing fancy. As a result, some people prefer to cast organically and carry a sword/axe/fantasy-weapon-of-choice instead of a bayonett. Brisk carries a bayonett because it's the only way he can get his powers to actually hit what he aims at. (Side note to the side note, people have attempted to invent something closer to guns as we know them...a self-firing bayonett...but every attempt thus far has ended in either a dud or a spectacular explosion. Turns out highly combustible powder and elemental charges don't mix well.)

Aaaaand this is Brisk's other half, dubbed "Mr. Sharp" by the media, because his casts have a tendency to slice things (he has kind of an overall theme of broken glass). He's existed in some form in Brisk's/his shared body since the mind-splitting incident, but only became a concrete persona recently, after Brisk had a very long, rough streak of wishing he could do more physically with his powers. Sharp is ALL physical in his casts, no empathic abilities. His personality is everything Brisk's isn't: reckless, dramatic, spontaneous, and heavy on attitude. (He and Brisk don't really have their own personalities so much as they have halves of one personality, each half swinging to an extreme due to a lack of counterbalancing traits.)

Sharp's operated as a vigilante for a while, getting mistaken as a criminal himself in the process and being hunted by the police...including Brisk, who didn't know what was actually happening to himself (because, subconsciously, he didn't WANT to know). Circumstances eventually force Sharp into 'fessing up and Brisk into facing the truth, and they have to learn how to live with themselves (or, uh, himself). Mr. Sharp enjoys teasing his other half, moments which I for some reason find extremely funny and enjoy doodling.

These next few are bad guys who work for the Big Bad (TM) of this world as part of a group called the Armigers. Their boss is a fear-based entity, so the Armigers are each based around some type of fear and/or horror trope.

So, the copyright for the original Winnie the Pooh books expired not that long ago, and the first result was...a horror movie. Why. Just why. I stared at the poster wondering why there seems to be the idea that children's stuff would be much better if it was bloodier/more violent. It's not even an ironic inversion anymore; it's been done so much it's a trope in its own right. And then Twist was born.

He makes toys! Toys that are rather...odd. Patched, crooked, and sharp-toothed. But the toys are perfectly safe...

No, actually they ARE safe. Twist just enjoys making them as a hobby. The stuff he makes that IS dangerous is explicitly evil-looking in a shiny, Saturday-morning cartoon villain kind of way. But people tend to get more scared when they're surprised one of his toys than when one of his mechas swoops down on them. And Twist, bless him, just CANNOT figure out why anyone would be scared of toys. Especially when they're so cute!

This is Shudder, and despite appearing human he has shapeshifting abilities. He claims to be the last surviving member of a species that was wiped out, quote, "a very, very long time ago." Perhaps because of this background, he seems to be perpetually vindictive at the world. He also has a bit of a sadistic streak, which is not a healthy combination for those around him! He loves to screw with people using his shapeshifting abilities. One of his favorite "games" is to manipulate circumstances to make people afraid of random things--like, say, a black cat or the number 13--because of the bad luck the things seem to cause. He's very dedicated to his job as an Armiger, and gets endlessly annoyed at Twist's preoccupation with toys. "Why don't you just make THESE into weapons?"
"Why? Nobody could really be scared of a toy. That's silly."
"No, it is NOT silly! People can be scared of anything. For example, take a cat--"
"How could anyone be scared of a kitty cat?"
"Because I MAKE them scared, and if you were professional enough to actually DO YOUR JOB, then" etc. etc.
Twist remains earnest and oblivious, so Shudder inevitably gives up and vents to Roanoke instead (more on him later).

Shudder considers himself such an expert at using his essence that he actually wears his hair opposite the style he should. Most Sinistrals would style their hair toward the left side of their faces as sort of safety buffer against their own casts (the whole body is somewhat resistant to its own casts, but hair is more resistant than skin or eyes). Not Shudder, though. He wears his hair like a Dextral. REAL experts don't need such precautions! (Has he smacked himself in the face with a fireball on occasion? Possibly. But he'd rather die than admit it.)

In addition to personality clashes with Twist, Shudder is nursing a conspiracy theory that Twist's favorite toy, Patchy, is alive (despite all evidence to the contrary) and is out to get him. This is mainly because Shudder has the curious luck of of finding Patchy in suspicious proximity to sharp objects.

Roanoke is just your basic overworked nine-to-fiver whose job happens to be "slasher villain". He's never been seen casting, but that hardly makes him less destructive. He has the strength and bulk to mow down anyone and anything, and is somehow able to tank casts that would flatten a normal person. He seems to be unstoppable. (He wishes someone would stop him, though. Then maybe he could actually take his lunch break for once...)

Despite his specialization in destructive rampages, he is, ironically, the most emotionally stable of the Armigers and the least likely to react violently when offended. As a result, the other Armigers tend to vent to him about their coworkers. Roanoke just listens. It's a good excuse for a coffee break.

This last one, I don't have a colored reference sheet for yet. But he showed up in my stuff during the last Bi-Weekly Art Challenge, and Blanc asked if I wouldn't mind sharing more. (Which I consider quite the compliment! I'm never sure if my stuff strikes anyone else as interesting, heheh...) So here's one more very massive big long text wall about him.


This is Revenant, a Sinistral with Air/Earth essence. At least, Revenant is his name now. He's not quite sure if it always was.

Every place has its dark beings from the depths of history and folklore, its boogie men that are the villains of bedtime stories. In this world, that entity is Zarek the Reaper. He was once the lord of part of the ancient Dragon empire, but he wanted it all. After a great calamity struck the planet and nearly wiped out both Human and Dragon civilization, he saw his chance. He stabbed his weakened brethren in the back, taking powers that were never meant to be wielded by one person. He lashed out, subjugated, conquered and destroyed, until he was the only one of his fellows left. The precious blood, that wonderful culmination of the elements, now only existed in his veins and on his claws. Then he turned his eyes toward the humans...

But a brave man among the humans had been watching Zarek's rise with horror. From the remains of the crumbled civilization, he scoured what he could of the technology the Dragons and Humans had built together, the dragoncraft. He made the dragoncraft into a new weapon. And when Zarek attacked the Humans, the hero engaged the monster in battle. The fight was long and terrible, but the hero finally prevailed. With Zarek's death, the Dragons were no more. The Humans mourned the loss of their great neighbors, but rejoiced that with the fighting over, they could at last rebuild.

That's how the story is told, anyway.

Revenant's heard the story. Everyone has. The problem is...it seems that he LIVED the story. And not from the right side.

Through complicated circumstances (that would take another wall of text to explain) he found a strange and ancient dagger. When Revenant tried to use his main ability--bonding with metallic objects--the dagger transformed into a scythe, as if it was made to react to someone with Revenant's powers. While he was bonded to the dagger/scythe, Revenant started to...see things.

It wasn't unusual for him to SENSE things from metal implements he bonded with--people inevitably leave bits of essence on the stuff they touch--but the visions were extremely vivid, like his own memories. Revenant starts to suspect that--somehow--he IS the man in the vision. Disturbingly, whoever's perspective he was looking through attacked people. Lots of people. But he also seemed to care for other and protect them. And there seemed to be something that person wanted very badly...

Around the same time he found the dagger, Revenant started to be chased by a man who he's never met, but who wants him dead. The man finally corners Revenant and tells the REAL of the old story. Zarek the Reaper didn't die...he couldn't. He discovered a power that was not only to much for one person, but one that mortals were never meant to touch. He found a way to become an avatar of evil, and therefore unable to be killed while evil existed in the world. The ancient hero didn't kill Zarek, he only sealed him. Revenant is Zarek's latest rebirth and the man who's been tracking Revenant is a descendant of the ancient hero, fulfilling his duty to renew the seal.

Revenant manages to escape his death--or resealing, or whatever the self-proclaimed hero was going to do to him--and wanders for a time, alone and confused. What the man told him matches with his visions, but it also doesn't. If he's pure evil, why is he capable of caring and having friends? He seems more...complicated than pure evil. And, frankly, so does the man in his visions. Maybe even the "real" version of the old story isn't the whole truth. Now, Revenant is looking for answers. He's reasonably sure he's Zarek the Reaper, but he wants to find out who that actually was, what he really did, and--perhaps most importantly--why he did it...
I do have another two ocs called alexa and Electra (I was running out of electric themed name ideas) Electra is Elesas younger sister and alexa is professor junipers daughter (but only finds this out way too late cause of things. Think silver and green Pokespe)

I started a fic just in my notes app, but it didn’t go far and I’m not really sure what to do with these two anymore. I don’t have any proper art of them, but I’ll draw something and get it on here. If anyone has any suggestions what to do with them, please tell me!
Wait wait wait new ocs. Hunger games oc sienna! (Plus a bunch of other people)
all of these people have varying amounts of importantness
cornyo (technically mudkipz’s)
a guy whos important but is currently unnamed
(there are more people in this Fic who aren’t existing characters I just don’t remember their names rn
tw for the text stuff: the regular hunger games warning, death and violence and injuries and whatever, but it shouldn’t be too much cause I’m trying not to spoil my Fic
in her dress for the interviews :)
so basically this is sienna Elwood my hunger games Oc (I’m writing a fic about her hehe)
shes from district seven so um. Trees. She’s in the 70th games (did Annie canonically win these games? I dont care…. Johanna literally said she wasn’t even sure at this point. She couldve won the 69th. And in no way am I writing a Fic about the 69th anything because I want to stay sane. Anyways.)
so yea shes 13 when this happens and she’s got this friend cassia in district 7. Siennas really emotional and stuff and really hates having to watch the games because she doesnt like watching people die. I want to protect her and she’s mine (we’re almost the same age). Well, I can’t really cause like. Plot requires for her to suffer but. Yea. Idk. I’m trying not to spoil anything
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