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The Power/Spell Name Idea Thread 3.0

Oh, this is cool! I'm developing a fantasy world where the medieval "four humours" medical theory is true and the ratios of humours in a person's body gives them elemental abilities. And I am having EXACTLY the spell-naming problem described in the thread intro. This will be a very useful source of inspiration!

I have a few name suggestions from the Psynergies in Golden Sun...
Pyroclasm (Description: "Attack with volcanic might")
Dragon Cloud (Description: "Strike the enemy with a dragon-shaped cloud." This is a Fire attack in Golden Sun, but the name sounds more like a Wind attack to me...)

Ragnarok (Description: Summons earth into the shape of a giant sword and drops it on the foe's head. Could also be spelled "Ragnarock" for an obvious pun.)
Wild Growth (Description: "Attack with giant plants.")

Froth Spiral (Description: "Attack with a bubble vortex")

Lich (Description: "Revive an ally with the undead's aid." I thought a sinister-sounding healing move like this was interesting. Could also be named something like "Lich Revive" to make it longer.)

I also have a few suggestions from stuff I've come up with. I included some flavor text for how I use the moves in case that gives others ideas. Some of them might be too offbeat for this purpose, so feel free to just take what you want.
Ignition (Description: basic fire attack, just with a slightly-more exotic name than "fireball". Also used in my world for mundane tasks like lighting campfires and frying food.)
Drought Flames (Description: fire attack with higher-than-normal effectiveness against those with Water essence. Often learned by those with Fire essence as a self-defense technique.)

Aqua Cycle (Description: turns surrounding water into vapor, then re-condenses it in a different location. Could be used to drop a flood on a foe's head, but often used for the mundane task of obtaining clean water, since it effectively turns water back into fresh rain.)

Shard Blade (Descriptions: the user fires a blade of air so quickly, it cuts like a shard of glass.)

Vesper Volt (Description: lightning attack with a piercing effect)

Quintessential Strike (Description: finisher, the user conjures a bolt of quintessence, then splits it into all elements to attack. A very rare power and also very draining.)

[No Element]
Broadcast (Description: the user emits radio-like waves that resonate with metal items. Can be used for communication, but can also be very disruptive to foes with metal weapons or armor.)
Reso-Note (Description: the user unleashes a sound that resonates with the foe's body, damaging them. Based on the urban legend of the brown note, the hypothetical resonance frequency of the human body.)

I also have an idea for a poison/toxin spell, but I wasn't sure where that would fit in this elemental scheme. Maybe shadow?
Nihelixir (from nihil "nothing, void" plus elixir. The user condenses their power into a debilitating potion and coats their weapon with it to attack.)
Here are some more abilities that are similar to Glacial Barrier:

Earth: Iron Wall
Fire: Heat Shield
Water: Bubble Shell

For the rest of the elements, I could not think of anything.
I've been thinking about this...I might have some ideas for the others?

[Wind]: Storm Shelter
[Thunder]: Magnetosphere
[Light]: Dazzle Deflector
[Rainbow]: Chroma Cocoon
[Shadow]: Night Veil
[Cosmos]: Galaxy Guard
[No Element]: Aegis Ward (...which sort of just means "shield protection spell", but at least it sounds fancy.)
A few potential finisher moves

Shadow - Twilight Caliginosity
Wind - Zephyr Vortex
Earth - Igneous Wrath
Light - Divine Phosphorescence
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