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The Power/Spell Name Idea Thread 3.0

Nov 8, 2005
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@JollyYoshi @InfiniteBakuphoon

Writing a story with magic/superpowers, and not sure what to name that finishing move? Want to think outside the same old Fireball, Ice Arrow, and Thunderbolt? This is the thread for you!

This is a collaborative list of cool sounding attack names from across media that could work as spell/power names in your fanfiction, grouped by elemental. Spell chains and finishing moves will be noted.

Some rules:

--All Bulbagarden rules apply

--All ideas should be posted in this thread--I will compile them into a master list as I get them.

--This is just a list of spell/power names--but if you want to include a description of what the power might do in your story's world, you are welcome to suggest it

--All media are welcome--anime, games, comics, or something else is welcome, so long as it could feasibly be used as a magic spell name or super power name.

--Spell names that sound similar may be grouped into a spell chain (eg. Spell name A->Spell name B->Spell name C, etc.) Spell chains can theoretically be as long as you like.

--if an idea could be used as a group attack or finishing move, they will be marked as (finisher)

--If you're not sure what elemental your idea would fit under, or you have an idea for an elemental, let me know.

--Suggestions should be no more than 4 words long, but ideally 2 or 3 words long

--If your idea came from media, be sure and cite where the move(s) originally came from, if you can.

--Don't stop with just the Japanese and English versions! If your native language had an interesting name, you can contribute those!
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The Master List of Power and Spell Ideas, v. 3.0 (all ideas are listed here, by element)


Wild Growth
Diamond Shell
Iron Wall
Brave Gaia
Sacred Emerald
Igneous Wrath (finisher)
Leaf Shield
Leaf Storm->Leaf Tempest
Ivy Shot
Rose Blast
Leaf Blade
World Shaker
Forest Ballad
Trentren's Gash
Stone Barrage
Seismic Shock Slash
Flower Hurricane
Vicious Emerald
Thorn Spear
Flower Cannon
Forbidden Fruit of Power
Poison Ivy
Tectonic Fissure (finisher)
Gaia Force
Carnivine's Chaos
Molten Rock Cannon (finisher)
Sand Splash


Meteor Storm
Fire Fist
Flame Wheel->Scorching Wheel
Flare Spin->Pyro Tornado
Heat Shield->Scarlet Shield
Roaring Inferno (Entei exclusive)
Spirit Fire
Fire Ring
Sacred Ruby
Crimson Illusion
Flame Storm
Burning Wave
Flare Burst
Flame Pillar
Phoenix Flame->Phoenix Flare (finisher)
Heat Wave
Thousand Flames
Sacred Flare
Heavenly Flame
Guardian Flame
Dancing Flame
Phoenix Feather
Fire Nova
Fire Arrow->Flare Arrow->Cardinal Arrow
Crystal Fire
Flames of Judgment (finisher)
Burning Mandala
Illusion Flames
Flame Tail
Volcanic Panic (finisher)
Wild Phoenix Strike


Wing Cutter
Windy Guardian
Tempest Gale
Razor Wind
Butterfly Dance
Wind Wave
Air Rush
Storm Shelter
Feather Storm
Sacred Lapis
Aero Dash
Zephyr Vortex (finisher)
Bursting Gale
Soothing Wind->Soothing Breeze
Wing Blade
Air Shot
Whirling Spin->Cyclone Strike
Piercing Tornado
Crystal Talons
Lucky Feather
Feather Arrow
Razor Wind Cutter
Hurricane Winds
Sacred Wind
Rising Winds
Wing Strike


Draining Rain
Torrent Wave
Aqua Rush
Aqua Shot
Aqua Fist
Bubbling Vortex
Aqua Cycle
Bubble Shell
Sacred Sapphire
Dreaming Rain
Sirena's Fury
Cascading Blades
Aqua Blessing
Bubble Whip
Crystal Water
Water Spin
Aqua Shield
Aqua Whip
Hydro Burst
Hydro Spout->Aqua Geyser
Cascade Breaker (Misty exclusive)
Great Tsunami (finisher)
Healing Rain->Healing Wave
Tidal Impact
Power Geyser
Kaikai Whirl
Sea Splitting Slash
Aqua Mist
Aqua Mirage
Aqua Rhapsody
Aqua Storm
Waterspout Tempest
Water Ring
Aqua Fist
Aqua Cannon
Wave Crash


Glacial Barrier
Cryogenic Hailstorm (finisher)
Borealis Undulation
Frozen Icicles
Frosty Cloud
Ice Beam->Frost Beam->Crystal Beam
Ice Nova
Frost Blade->Glacier Blade
Snowy Hurricane (finisher)
Snow Zephyr
Ice Fist
Aurora Beam
Diamond Dust->Diamond Storm
Arctic Blast
Sacred Marine
Healing Blizzard
Blizzard Wing
Chilling Spike
Frosty Meteor
Crystal Arrow
Shine Aqua Illusion
Icicle Storm
Star Freeze
Sub-Zero Slash
Flash Freeze (finisher)
White Mist->Freezing Fog
Icy Phoenix (finisher)
Ice Coffin
Cold Aura


Lightning Shower
Vesper Volt
Sacred Topaz
Lightning Rush
Spark Chaser
Lightning Chain
Magnet Storm
Stormy Crescendo
Grand Thunder (finisher)
Magna Torpedo (finisher)
Life Spark


Celestial Deflector
Astral Ray
Comet Blast
Spacedust Storm
Galaxy Guard
Core Collapse
Sacred Amethyst
Caressing Moonlight
Twilight Trill
Radiant Lotus (Dawn exclusive)
Luna Shot
Moonlight Etude
Luna's Tear
Twilight Wings
Star Beam
Twilight Flash
Rising Moon
Meteor Storm
Black Hole Eraser
Asteroid Annihilation (finisher)
Dream Dance
Comet Fist
Nebula Storm
Solar Wind
Lunar Eclipse
Neutron Star


Dragon Cloud
Bright Fist
Dazzle Deflector
Sacred Pearl
Healing Radiance
Angelic Arrow->Celestial Arrow
Divine Phosphorescence (finisher)
Sacred Dance
Brilliant Edge
Heavenly Blade
Luminous Grace
Heavenly Arrow
Helios' Grace
Solar Blaze
Solar Wind
Solar Aura
Blazing Light->Sunshine Blaze
Healing Light
Heavenly Smite
Gleaming Anthem->Goddess' Anthem
Epic Lumiere
Heavenly Chorus
Sun Spirit
Heavenly Flash
Solar Shield
Noble Light
Shining Cure
Bright Shock
Aura Whirl
Alicanto Shine

Rainbow (all the elements)

Colorful Fist
Mystic Dance
Chroma Cocoon
Prism Beam->Rainbow Laser
Prismatic Tempest (finisher)
Sacred Diamond
Miracle Flash
Piercing Rainbow
Prismic Gems
Rainbow's Edge


Phantom Claw
Toxic Snowflakes
Shadow Sword
Lich's Touch
Tenebrous Lightning
Shadow Beam->Midnight Beam
Burning Gaze
Blackfire Blade
Frozen Darkness
Shadow Shower
Ender's Eclipse (finisher)
Night Veil
Sheer Darkness
Dark Nova
Dark Whisper
Twilight Caliginosity (finisher)
Dark Mist
Dancing Arbok
Gravity Gale
Bewildering Lights
Obsidian Blade
Dusk Ball
Toxic Mist
Infernal Rage
Poison Fang
Haunting Howl
Wistful Beautifly
Dark Song->Oblivion Nocturne
Whispering Flame
Gloomy Shot
Darkest Dream
Chaos Fist
Ghostly Flare
Dark Lament
Acid Lash
Sinister Charge
Dark Water

No Elemental

Echoing Call
Mana Ball
Mind Blades
Aegis Ward
Iron Fist
Mana Wave
Rhythmic Slam
Sacred Silver
Arrow Storm
War Cry
Healing Chime
Illusion Shard
Luring Glow
Entrancing Song
Aether Burst
Restraining Rope
Nimble Kick
Spirit Rush
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Cool thread :)

I actually think about stuff like this sometimes. Some that come to mind quickly for me are:

Yamase (wind): A cool wind that blows in the summer in northern Japan. In real life, this can create poor harvests, so maybe it would interrupt healing or something. Although I'd think a cool wind in summer would be nice...

Murasame (water): Roughly translates to "Cold autumn rain" in Japanese. Maybe something realted to lowering a speed stat, or something similar to that.
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Some ideas from Pokemon's main competitor Digimon to inspire you (and give you an idea of what I'm looking for):


Wing Cutter (the user fires a sharp wing like projectile to do damage or cut objects. Depending on the user, the projectiles may be able to return to the user)
Windy Guardian (the user creates a shield of wind around themselves and any allies)


Lightning Shower (the user rains thunderbolts on one target, or a group of targets)
Thunderblade (the user imbues a blade or claw with thunder energy, making their next attack thunder elemental. As the user grows stronger, so does the enchantment)

No elemental

Echoing Call (the user uses an instrument to locate a being or object. The louder the echoes are, the closer the user is to their target)
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For Earth, may I suggest Hakkutsu, meaning "Excavation" in Japanese, or Kaisaku, meaning digging or cutting in Japanese?
For Cosmos, may I suggest Celestial Deflector? Think of it like a Protect-esque move that protects the user with say, stars or the like.
Why not Glacial Barrier for Ice? Sure, Fire would melt it, but I think it could work. I was going to call it Ice Shield, but that was kind of boring.

Forgot the Description (though I think it is obvious what it does): A barrier of ice surrounds the person, protecting them. Can be used to protect others.
Another Ice concept, what about Cryogenic Hailstorm? I'd think it'd just be a really powerful ice move. (perhaps a finisher)
Ice: Borealis Undulation (Inspired by the Digimon move Aurora Undulation, think of it like a mirror version of it, but with like, ice features I guess lmao)
How about "Extinction Meteors" for Fire? Since that's how the dinosaurs went the way of the dodo it might make for an interesting ability to summon flaming meteors from above.

For Water how about Sticky Rain and/or Draining Rain? The former could be like an adhesive that stuns/paralyzes its target while the latter drains them of their strength.

For No Element how about Mana Ball and Mind Swords? Mana Ball fires a condensed sphere of magical energy at the target while Mind Swords launches blades made from magic that get stronger the more powerful the user's mental strength/willpower is.

And for Shadow how about Phantom Claw? Summoning a demonic claw from a dark portal to strike/slash/grab the target sounds like a pretty good dark-based ability.

That's all I've got for now. Hopefully they're worth something.
I feel that would work more for earth than fire. Because they are hunks of rock.

Not really. Most examples of meteor attacks in media are of the Fire element, not the Earth element. Examples include MegaMan Battle Network and Star Force, Golden Sun, Digimon, and Ratchet & Clank, to name a few. So seeing how meteor attacks are more commonly Fire than Earth putting it in the Fire category would make more sense.
@Greninjaman @Catz @CynthiaLover

You can even argue it was cosmic elemental (since they come from space) but 90% of the time, meteors are classified as the ultimate Fire move in a lot of games.

I'm going to note the Fire idea as Meteor Storm, since that is easier to say than Extinction Meteor (4 syllables vs. 6)

Draining Rain actually is a Digimon attack (the Digimon in question), but both attacks sound like they have very similar effects--so it it okay if I just include Draining Rain on the list?
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