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TPCI discontinues Trading Figure Game: Head of POP speaks

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Nov 13, 2005
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TPCI discontinues Trading Figure Game: Head of POP speaks

Go-Pokemon.com recently took down their page for the Pokémon Trading Figure Game. Taking note of this, Water Pokémon Master, the administrator of PokéBeach, contacted Dave Schwimmer, head of Pokémon Organized Play, who in turn responded, saying the line has indeed been discontinued.

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Can't say that surprises me. I never saw any of the figures where I lived and there didn't seem to be any promotion for it. The whole thing looked pretty cool and I wanted to buy some of them, but they just dropped the ball.
You mean it wasn't discontinued already? :p

But, yeah, they seriously screwed up with the TFG. Such a shame, they all looked pretty cool.
I'd suspected all along the TFG was killed off, so I'm not surprised. They didn't promote it enough. It's a shame though.
I've seen lots of Pokemon figures in stores where I live, but as far as I could tell none of them were actual Trading Figure Game figures. That's what I don't understand about this kind of thing, if they don't bother to promote it, how do they expect it to sell?
I just sold a Lugia TFG piece on eBay for a whopping $1.25, way less than I originally paid for it at the nerd store down the street. I still have Turtwig and Piplup (which I listed and didn't sell).

It's a shame because they're extremely accurate and quality depictions.
Awww. I liked to collect them for the pretty... at least I got a Salamence! ^^
Ya, I almost bought a few just as decorations, but ended up passing. Its a shame as they looked really cool.
I've bought a lot of them, hope to complete my collection one day. As everyone else, I also think it's a shame it's discontinued, but the only place I bought it was eBay: I didn't see it anywhere else...
Even though i dont like that they discontued the TFG, i could see it coming, as unlike the tcg, they didnt promote it as much or release sets as fast as they released TCG sets.
Well, at least now there's an endpoint, a place where you can stop collecting, because there's no more. They never got, so far as I know, to some of the characters I or Prime wanted, so that sucks...Prime wanted a Gardevoir, there are a bunch I would've chased down.
Maybe I'll try completing a set sometime.
Pah, no one played it anyway.

But the figures were awesome. What they should do is sell them not as a game, but as figures. I swear people will buy them.
I bought tiny Pokemon figurines when I was younger, but that was pre-TFG.
I honestly cannot say that i am surprised by this at all
I think i saw the TFG once in all the time it has been around and even then the shop had imported them from the USA and as such AFAIK was not properly released over here and in the countries that it was released in it was very poorly marketed
Agreed. Even here in Australia, where we had been the test market, the game was very poorly promoted. And after they went beyond the market test....the completely ignored half our feedback, and never did a re-release of the game here. Follow that up with the 2nd set being delayed and delayed and delayed, and even if they had brought the game back, I have to wonder how many people would've purchased it. It had a small devoted core of followers, but those who did play it were practically forced to play with house rules, just to make the game more interesting and strategic.
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