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POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

Jun 11, 2010
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Talk about what you wrote today - or what you plan to write today - here. 8)

What project(s) are you working on? How many words did you write? Want to share a favorite sentence or two of what you wrote today? Please do.

Maybe you worked on some edits instead. Maybe you planned out a chapter or your whole story all in one go, I don't know! Tell us here!

Did you just daydream about your characters on a long train ride to school? More realistically, did you write one sentence then wanted to chuck your laptop out the window? Seriously, anything goes.
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I plan to assess a list of (possible) story events I typed down, then what (initial) role and desire to give to a certain poacher.

Then to clean my IBM Model M122 that I just got in. I can't wait to type on it.
roses are red, blue is the sea. i think i've seen this thread before, but on serebii

I've written more Hunter, Haunted today, about half a page by now but I'll likely end up having done more by the end of the day. It's in a pretty easy and fun part right now, making writing easy.

On the bus ride home from campus, I also suddenly came up with a one-shot fic idea I'll likely end up utilizing. Don't really know if I'll get to it before or after HuHa (yes I really do call it that) is finished. In any case, it's going to allow me to show some other ideas and background plots I've planned for this story, so that's pretty nice.
Chapter outlines from about fifty-something up to 65. Probably 500 words or so. I've promised myself that I'm not writing any more of the actual fic until the outline is done, and that's proving...challenging, but ultimately beneficial I think.
Didn't do much today, as A) I finished my latest chapter early yesterday and B) I've been working on getting a role play ready for me and my betareader. She's been wanting it for a while...

I'll probably get to work on reading through a chapter to scan for errors though. Can't let that slip by before it gets posted.
I finished chapter 21 of my Tales of Zestiria fan fic, and it's now one chapter away from completion. I also started on a new Harvest Moon one-shot, along with typing out a few more paragraphs of my novel.
I edited a good chunk of my newest PMD:AR chapter from its initial form upon reading through it. On reflection, the rescued Pokémon's in-game purpose wouldn't have worked in this setting, so I wrote them out.
I myself did a little bit of writing tonight, some of the first I've been able to get done in over two weeks. I'm nearly finished with a summary of the first 26 chapters of Land of the Roses, aimed at readers who might want to dive into the story with the start of the new season, but might be daunted by the length of what's already there.

Soon, hopefully. This month has come and gone too fast.
RIght now I'm struggling to invent a solution to a nice impasse I got myself in. One of the characters is about to have a change of heart that could detonate the rest of the plot I got. There is a solution of sorts in my mind but it feels cheap. I don't like it.
Wrote a little bit, had a personal mental crisis over whether everything I write is stupid or not, watched some surgery videos, then wrote some more. Never settled on an answer on that question, but I've gone this far, so eh, might as well finish the fic.
I wrote about 800 words for my next chapter that I've been planning for about a month. Right now I'm trying to figure out what flashback I should include to clarify Kris' behavior.
not today, but the most recent thing i wrote was a poem about ugliness. only wrote like 3 stanzas though, trying to find a way not to make it cringe-y lol. might just have to post it here if i end up finishing it !!
i hate myself for not being able to come up with an interesting take on my current torture scene
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