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What makes you happy?

Apr 2, 2016
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A simple question, so it appears at first! And so it might be, for some. But for others, perhaps not so much. One thing that led me to creating this thread was how hard I found it to answer this question when I sat down and asked it to myself. It made me wonder how others people’s relationship to this question might be, and exactly what the answers mean to them, so with that said, well, what makes you happy? Do you find it hard or easy to answer a question like that? And in any case, do you find that you’re able to do the things that make you happy a lot, or do you think that you would like more opportunities to do those things?

As for what makes me happy… that, again, is kind of a hard question for me to answer. Probably because happiness has kind of been elusive for me in my life, or at least a consistent stream of happiness; it comes and goes far quicker than I would like sometimes. That said, the one thing that’s guaranteed to make me happy is returning home from a long or stressful day and decompressing with some proverbial life “comfort food”. That would include listening to music (video game music especially!), treating myself to a favorite meal or dessert (being the food lover that I am, haha), brainstorming ideas for my writing (which is far more relaxing than it might sound!), or even just sitting around and taking in the sights and sounds around me, or out the window when the sun is either in the middle of rising, already bright in the sky, or just about to set. The simple things in life, in other words! I also relax by spending some time on YouTube (I’m into technology, travel, and anime videos nowadays), taking long walks around the metropolitan area of the city where I live (I can end up really far away in some cases, haha; wanderlust is my affliction), and doing research on random things that interest me (which are vast and varied, often leading to very long wiki walks by the end of a session). And of course, spending time here at Bulbagarden almost always makes me very, very happy, too!
For me, having something to pursue/make progress in. It can be anything from sports (running is the main one for me), video games, or even just something to think about. I could go into more detail sometime, but I think the main thing I've realized is not to conflate being happy with being done. I guess I'm not really motivated by the thought of getting something or becoming something and then stopping. I guess the cliché response would be to say that it's about the journey and not the destination, and I like things where the journey is essentially endless. I think stability and peace of mind are pretty important too.
Hmm. I think happiness for me can come out of many things. It can come from simple pleasures, like food, video games, finishing a project etc. But I feel like happiness is sort of a state of mind? Like sometimes I'll just feel really good without a clear reason. Like it doesn't have to be anything specific but if I'm doing something I enjoy while in that mindset I feel like it's easier to stay focused and have fun.

Usually when I'm feeling this way and someone asks me what I'm doing I'll tell them I'm vibing, cause again it's like a mindset more than whatever it is you're actually doing. Like listening to music, cooking, cleaning, playing games or chatting with friends. Those are some of my fav things to do but I'm not always in the mood to do them but when I am in the mood I just feel soooo happy doing those things!
Being able to get out of a creative/writing block, completing a long order at work, liking the taste of a new sandwich in a "fast-food chain / bakery" hybrid a few minutes away from my workplace... And seeing my friends or my girlfriend whenever I can, of course !
Being able to get out of a creative/writing block, completing a long order at work, liking the taste of a new sandwich in a "fast-food chain / bakery" hybrid a few minutes away from my workplace... And seeing my friends or my girlfriend whenever I can, of course !
That sandwich part is really making me crave something now lol
All the people I care about being OK, then just following the dopamine :)
Seriously the only way to not feel bad about not being "good enough" is to be busy as much as possible. Keep brain occupied, else it overthinks life's woes...
ehh I main really anyone... tbh I can understand controls pretty quick. I guess playing tekken 7 with my uncle makes me happy too. But he always kicks mah ass :(
me with my dad. he loves playing with me even though i wipe him every time (lili + kazuya player), it's actually nice that he doesnt seem to mind
he tends not to put up a fight but the only other family member who will play with me who isnt dead is my brother who is only home on holidays. he doesnt usually win but hes gotten lucky before (just kidding. he really isnt that bad)
in the spirit of the thread, it makes me happy when my brother is home because hes actually cool and i dont get to see him much
This is a lovely thread. <3

A lot of things honestly. But the simplest ones I enjoy are relaxing with a matcha latte or bubble tea, cloudy/rainy weather, watching aesthetic unboxing or home decorating videos, and watching cats and dogs be cute among other things. Also days off from work are always A+, especially if it's a three-day weekend. I'd be looking forward to it the whole time lol.
Ah, one thing that I didn’t mention — which really shows how much more often I need to think about this, haha — is that one thing that will definitely make me happy is spending extended amounts of time with people whose company I really enjoy, whether that be family or friends. Perhaps the fact that I’ve had rather few of the latter in real life as of late is a big reason why I forgot about that, oof. But sometimes we need to work for the things that make us happy, right? I hope that one day I’ll be able say differently about that.
It is a bit unfair to the original series, but I love rewatching Dragon Ball Z Abridged and the creator commentaries they have been making recently. The care and love that those fans put into the series really makes me happy. I also just find it so funny.
I love whenever I can get some work done without getting distracted or having to deal with other things. Basically, if I'm in a stress-free and distraction-free place where I can work with a bit of music and ambience, maybe even a call with my friend, I'll be more than content. Except with schoolwork. This doesn't apply to schoolwork. That sucks no matter what :p
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