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What Pokémon do you wish was in SV?

I really wish that there were any of the previous Fossil Pokémon in this game. I cherish all of the Fossils, so you can imagine my disappointment when there wasn't a single one available in SV. I miss my Cradily :(

There are a few other favorites of mine that didn't make it in, like Porygon, Baltoy, or Tangela to name a few. I also thought that Ferrothorn would have fit right in as one of Brassius's Pokémon, but alas, it's nowhere to be found in Paldea.
I'd hope a later DLC would introduce the missing members of the Unova (Snivy and Tepig) starter lines, Clamperl and its evolutions, the Elemental Monkeys, Furfrou, and Minior. I admit the main reason I want some of these Pokémon programmed in later on is pragmatism, given the extreme demand for Pharaoh Trim Furfrou in HOME, and the difficulty of obtaining Huntail/Gorebyss in both GO and BDSP.

Also, any Alolan forms that didn't make it into SwSh should've been included, mainly for the sake of those caught in GO that were directly imported into HOME without being sent to LGPE.
The remaining Gen 5-7 Pokemon that are still not playable in a single Switch game. Why are we a full generation into Dexit and we're still talking about certain Pokemon not making their first appearance since then?
And that list also includes the Unova starters, well aside from the Oshawott line, but you can't get the original version of Samurott on the Switch.
BLITZLE AND ZEBSTRIKA. For crying out loud, GameFreak, free them from their Unova dex trap already! They've literally never been in any non-Unova regional Pokedex! I want my zebras back so bad. I love them!
Speaking from someone who has no pokemon trapped in home, I feel overwhelmed by what's available in Scarlett and Violet to the point I haven't wished for any pokemon to show up in these games.
I just want Galarian Rapidash, because it is my favorite Pokemon!

Also agree with @Kelleo about Blitzle and Zebstrika. They're some of my favorite Pokemon. I was so glad to see Deerling and Sawsbuck make a return, I was hoping for Blitzle and Zebstrika, as well.
Galarian Ponyta/Rapidash are my top favs now too! Massive unicorn/horse/zebra fan here. lol Also why I want dem zebras back. I was also glad to see Deerling and Sawsbuck, they are my favorite Grass-types besides Bellossom.
Zubat/Golbat/Crobat, Blitzle/Zebstrika, Poocheyna/Mightyena, Purrloin/Liepard, Mandibuzz and Buffalant(Tauros is a poor substitute).
And they really need to make a real Cheetah, a real warthog, a real honey badger, a real porcupine and dive into the antelope family.

I want the full African Safari experience.
Don't get me wrong, they have a decent selection going(Skeledirge, Pyroar, Hippowdon, Krookodile, Espartha, Cooperajah, Donphan(and it's variants), Passimian, Annihilape, Farigiraf, Rabsca).
But they could do better and they could certainly add some type coverage.
Zebstrika. I'm sorry, but I am pretty bored of Luxray already since it has been in four Switch games, and it is no better in combat than Zebstrika. It should have been included instead of the Luxray line.

Also Minior. I don't know, I would like to see it again outside of the Alola games.

And also, of course, my boy Mightyena. Alas, it is not.
Now that I'm not as overwhelmed, I wish for more cats to do a cat run (not crazy about using Luxray three switch Pokémon games in), a bird line other than starly since don't care to use it three switch
Pokemon games in a row, mightyena, and either furret or zigzagoon to do this one run idea I have but can't.
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I'd have to say Alcremie, followed by the Eon duo (though I'm expecting DLC to fix that)

Also find it weird that only Regiliki and Regidrago are available compared to the rest of the golems
Like others in this thread, I feel like the fact that there's still creatures from Gen 5-7 yet to be playable on the Switch is pretty ridiculous.

However, I feel like they should have made it so that every Pokémon and form (including regional forms) that debuted in Galar and Hisui should have been included in Gen 9, but not guaranteed for Gen 10 (since Paldea and whatever comes between it and the new region would be the priority to transfer into Gen 10). Generally I feel that all the Pokémon and regional forms that debuted in the prior generation should be allowed to become transferrable to the next generation forward instead of prioritizing legendaries that will most definitely get reintroduced in the DLC anyways. This helps mitigate a situation where a Pokémon is stuck in Home for over a decade because they've only been included in one game/set of games (at least not immediately). It's also less wasteful asset-wise, so I really don't understand why this practice hasn't been adopted.
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