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What Tier is your favorite Pokemon (Smogon)

All of my favorites tend to sit around RU or lower these days. I remember a few of them being OU in the Gen 5-6 days, but it seems like they've all just been getting steadily pushed down over the years. :cry:

Except Porygon-Z, I think it climbed back up there for a brief second in Gen 7. Nice work, Porygon-Z.
Actually Porygon-Z has seen a bit of usage this gen, always on this team
Also, my other fav, Ursaluna, hasn't appeared in a game with PvP yet, so it's not available on any Smogon format, not even Natdex. Hopefully it'll be in S/V, and it was anticipated to be a monster on trick room teams.
I haven't really kept up with competitive pokemon in a long time, but but it looks like Starmie is NU now. I think it was OU in every gen through XY, then dropped to UU in SM.
absol has been in a couple of different tiers through the ages, but in the most recent gen it appears in it is ranked PU.

luckily for me, i actually love battling in the lower tiers
Ah, poor Blaziken... Started from UUBL, Speed Boost pushed it to Ubers, only for it to fall again because Gen 8 power crept so much...
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