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Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

"Gundam Build Divers - Re:Rise"

It's amazing what a change of writer and director can do. They somehow made a sequel to one of the worst Gundam shows ever and turned it into one of the best- truly "rising" from the ashes after the original anime crashed and burned. :unsure:

Everything was great from the (new) characters to the story to the action. I was so moved by the ending. Incredible show. :bulbaLove:
"Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions"

I was initially skeptical of a 20th anniversary movie so long after the original ended but the involvement of the original manga writer meant I had to check it out. Overall it was very good, definitely played into the whole "even if we don't see each other again, we'll always be in your heart" shtick since it's unlikely they'll get another chance at a reunion. The new characters were interesting and thankfully tied back to the original plot so they didn't feel too OC-ish. The CGI monsters were a little weird at first but they were cool once you got used to them.

I watched it dubbed of course since I have no nostalgia for the JPN version and man did I almost shed a tear to hear all the old voices again. I think the only one who didn't return was Grandpa's VA who I think sadly passed away IIRC. I also really appreciate the dub taking the effort to actually put in the ENG text on the cards this time when in the old days they'd just edit out the JPN text and leave the cards blank. That movie budget wasn't just for show it seems.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Season 1 [English Dub].

The reason I had to specify the dub was because the seasons are cut differently between versions. Nowadays in Japan a season counts for 24-25 episodes but because the Western version is behind like always they just ran for about fifty episodes and called that the first season of Zexal.

Regardless, I was very tepid about jumping into what I hear consensus is the worst series of Yugioh. I can definitely see a number of things that would turn people off - notably the main protagonist being younger and more hyperactive than ever before, the wackier nature of the characters in general, the recycling of plot points (Astral in particular is basically Yami Yugi) and finally the fact that only Yuma can really advance the plot with his classmates being relegated to mere cheerleaders and don't even get much development.

Nevertheless, despite all that I did find myself enjoying it. I do like most of the cast and the duels are fun - XYZ is a way better gimmick than Synchros were and there are a bunch of cool Archetypes that Duelists use. I'm definitely curious as to how the rest of the story will unfold...
The Promised Neverland Episode 3.

Finally got around to finishing BNA and I wanted to catch up with what's been added to Netflix. Honestly despite being spoiled a bit, I'm honestly surprised at what's been done these first few episodes. Plot twists I didn't expect really.
Finished episode 10 Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai, a pretty simple concept, but one that I really like, and this anime is another slice of life anime with beautiful moments and jokes along the way, if you want to relax while watching something that will make you laugh and think about life situations, then this anime is for you.
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