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Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

BNA: Brand New Animal on Netflix, I just finished Episode 6 today and I'm enjoying it a lot. IDK what it is, but I always seem to be drawn in by racial allegories. Maybe it's coincidence (it does help that both shows have a cute animal girl as one of the main characters) or maybe I just don't like the way society is handling racism, but there's been several shows featuring racism as a major theme that I've been liking (primarily this and Shield Hero). Anyway, as far as the show itself, this is definitely a more realistic take on racism than some of the shows I've seen that tackle the issue. This show is literally what would happen if furries were real (and more extreme version of what we already see towards the furry community even when furries aren't real), with all of the violence and discrimination and profiteering from both sides and just how pervasive the conflict seems to be. There's a lot of shady characters engaging in questionable acts and Michiru always seems to end up mixed up in it. Less realistic but still interesting is also the mystery behind the "beastman-itis" and the story behind that. It's just really entertaining to watch Michiru find her place in the world while fighting against the criminal dealings going on in Anima City. Can't wait to see the rest of this season and hopefully more!
Ride Your Wave, english dub

Man, I will never NOT love this movie. It's sooooo good! The fact that it painstakingly avoids every cliche in romance movies known to man that I've come to absolutely loathe makes me love it even more!
Digimon Frontier.

So this is it huh? The dreaded black sheep of the franchise where instead of having a 'mon partner, the humans transform into Digimon themselves to fight evil...like something outta Power Rangers. Despite the weird premise I found it to be okay. It falls into a number of pitfalls that Adventure shared, but is still far from the worst anime this franchise has ever put out *cough* Hunters *cough*... excuse me. :whistle:
Kakushigoto. I didn't expect it to be so fun and I CERTAINLY didn't expect it to be this emotional. It's funny, cute and gives you the feels.
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