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What was the last thing that made you angry?

There's nothing more frustrating than dealing with a toxic fan on YouTube who considers themself a "leader of the fanbase" and enforces their views on other people and will respond to other WMG with "YOU'RE WRONG, YOU'RE WRONG" before going on a long rant about their views and stating how other people and even entire sites like Tumblr and DeviantArt are stupid and unable to "get it". Replying only causes them to twist the words to make them look like the victim, causing you to just give up in anger and take the whole post down because they can never be reasoned with.

I won't really get into details about the recent spat I had with a very toxic fan with tunnel vision and anti-WMG views from a (long dormant) PS2 franchise, and they've attacked other fans as well. And worse, the publisher of the video loved my WMG comment and others gave upvotes.
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I'm extremely annoyed by people who think they're superior to everyone else and gang up, they always block the road and all they do is gossip and giggle about other people, when the other people do anything, literally anything at all :(
Leafblowers just keep making that annoying noise all morning. If I had the power to silence those annoying motors, I would.
Wanting to purchase a sandwich at a Subway, but then finding out the workers are rude and incompetent, getting nothing right and always blaming the customers for their screw-ups. I ended up giving that Subway store a negative review on Google after the manager cancelled my order and had a screaming fit at me (nothing was wasted, thankfully) because I was trying to politely explain to them that their worker misheard what my order was.

And then I found out that 30+ other people also gave negative reviews in the past 12 months to that same Subway, almost all due to poor customer service; one review even mentioned a worker assaulting a 5-year-old child over a stolen cookie. :lapras:
Getting a message from the Job Centre saying I didn't show up for my appointment, when I did. It doesn't help the person I saw said they'd been having issues with their system all day, resulting in the appointment being cut short and I'd been in a panicked mess over possibly being late due to the obscene amount of roadworks around town right now.
My parents not understanding that I'm just trying to get something done that I don't have the time to go out and face the mosquitoes that come out during the evening.
Getting a flat tire while riding my bike today and having to walk about 2.5 miles back home, after having ridden about 30. I guess it's good that it didn't happen when I was farther away, at least.
google changing their entire bookmark interface. i had a whole system in there, but now you can only sort by a-z, newest, oldest, last opened and z-a. z to a??? are you kidding me?? you can't have the custom order you put them in but you have reverse alphabetical??
Just going to the Job Centre in general. I keep asking if they can move my appointments to the town that's only 20 minutes away from our village, but they told me that's not possible as our village falls under the jurisdiction of the other nearest town where my current appointments are. Which is pretty dumb, since there's endless roadworks causing chaos around said town. I hope I can find work soon.

Also, the fact that I'm not in Greece anymore (we came home on Sunday).
Our home's water heater went burst on Thursday night, and the replacement won't be in until sometime next week, so I must now walk to my grandma's place every day just to shower (at least she only lives 1km away and has insisted that we shower at her place). And the timing couldn't be any worse as my parents are in North America right now for their belated 30th wedding anniversary trip to Vancouver; they won't return to Australia until October 19.
I said happy birthday to a cousin and he never responded. This is a person that has rejected me and judged me in the past, but we have interacted and had some good moments I guess. I’ve been trying to make amends, even if I think they don’t deserve it because of the way I have been treated in the past. Not sure what’s the matter, but I’m tired of trying with some people. Seems petty, but it costs nothing to be polite and answer a message.
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