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What was the last thing that made you angry?


Zan! Testu! Ken!!
Apr 29, 2010
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No need to list things, post here whenever you want to let out some steam! I'll start:

People who blast music in their car. Especially to the point when you feel the vibrations. -_-
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Re: What makes you angry?

Some people's ignorance and unwillingness to look at other different perspectives before making a judgment.
Re: What makes you angry?

The way some people look at everyone over their shoulder just 'cause they think they are better in some way.
Re: What makes you angry?

When "Constructive Criticism," turns into "Destructive Criticism." It's one thing to say, "You can do your job a lot better if you paid attention more", and it's another thing to say, "YOU'RE COMPLETELY USLESS!! If you're this much of an idiot at doing your job you'll never go anywhere in life! A braindead monkey can do a better job!!!"
Re: What makes you angry?

A 100% guaranteed way for me to get angry is arguing with MRA's or Feminists. But that may just be because I attract crazies from both sides.

Something totally different but also infuriating: Shoelaces. I swear these things have a vendetta against me. I can do everything as tight and perfect as possible, they'll find a way to trip me. And when I trip, there's no stopping me. My face will hit the ground... Or whatever person is currently standing in front of me.
Re: What makes you angry?

The kind of kid who throws milk jugs on the ground and thinks it's funny. Meanwhile, in Africa, a kid's legs bend under the weight of his own body because he doesn't drink enough milk.
Re: What makes you angry?

The kind of kid who throws milk jugs on the ground and thinks it's funny. Meanwhile, in Africa, a kid's legs bend under the weight of his own body because he doesn't drink enough milk.

I just hate seeing people waste their food. There are starving people even here in the U.S who don't know when their next meal will be!
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Re: What makes you angry?

People that think SSD/SSDI should be abolished due to a percentage of those who cheat the system.
Yeah no... This makes me angry because I'd be one of those severely affected by any destructive change to these programs.
Re: What makes you angry?

Supposed friends who bring down others' self-esteem...
Re: What makes you angry?

Many, many things. It would be a giant list if I were to say anything else.
Re: What makes you angry?

A LOT of things, but off the top of my head right now...

- Guys who can't take a hint. Eww...
- Pests. Bugs and rodents, especially spiders and roaches. I don't mind tame rodents though.
- Bad drivers. There's no excuse for screwing around on the road, you're gambling with other people's lives.
- People who joke about serious issues. Breast Cancer is one of them.
- Fangirls/Fanboys. Be it for celebrities or animu characters, don't care, keep your delusional little nasty obsessions to yourself mmmkay?
- Generally, people who have different opinions that me ;) haha jk. maybe.

there's a LOT more things, but that's just a vague idea.
Re: What makes you angry?

It Really irritates me when people make a big deal out of nothing.

I also hate it when I see an older brother abuse his younger brother/sister. It was something I lived through myself and it really puts me off!
Re: What makes you angry?

Receiving a Bidoof named Buck Me! from Wonder Trade.
My flatmate urinating.
The staff here discouraging me from teaching my flatmate discipline or anything else related to how to be a homo sapien.
My flatmate swearing at me whenever I change the WiFi password to get it off it's lazy butt.
My flatmate's inability to own up and take responsibility for itself because it pays absolutely no attention to what it's doing thus causing staff to tell me to stop accusing it of things.
The staff's inability to take responsibility for their incompetence and disorganisation.
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Re: What makes you angry?

lets see

- Vegan meats. those taste like pure evil. tried vegan bacon once and never again will i eat any "fake" meat
- Fangirls
- People that tell me that if i ever have kids that i should go buy them a car and pay for everything (gas, insurance) when they turn 16. that goes against my values big time. when i got my licence, my parents told me if i wanted to drive a differnt car then the ones we had, i had to pay for the newer car, gas, insurance and repairs to it if the title was in my name. if i ever put any of my money on a car, my name WILL be in the title. I dont care if i work as a BMW salesman or the CEO of Ford. i would not buy a car for any son or daughter of mine with their name on the title. if the need and resources was there, i wouldnt have much of an issue buying a car for them to use like how i am now but only my name would be on the title. people telling me to forgo my bringing up and spoil a child who needs to learn responsibility grinds my gears
Re: What makes you angry?

People that deliberately say or do things to annoy you, and when you call them out on, they say they were just joking.
Even worse, they want to know why you can't lighten up and take a joke. (Found out that this is something abusers do constantly. That may be why my mother did it 24/7 and it makes me see red when someone does this to me.)

Let's see:

-Shooting jokes. Yes, I was present during a shooting at my store. Stop trying to make stupid jokes about it because it isn't funny.
-Customers who act like morons.
-Parents who let their kids act up in public. I'm not talking a little meltdown, I'm talking about parents who see said child misbehaving and stand there, doing and saying nothing. Or worse, they say that they know their child is a handful but it's not mommy or daddy's fault. Just. Remove. Them. From. The. Store!
-People who can't sit down while using a public toilet.
-Tailgaters. No, you don't need to be shoved up my car's exhaust pipe!
-People who can't drive but do it anyway.

This is the short list. I'm sure I'll add to it later.
Re: What makes you angry?

That one person that gets mad that we're speaking in a language he doesn't understand. I remember in High School, there was this guy, who was white, and he was trying to fit in with my group, who are all mexicans. There were some moments where we will throw some spanish every now and then. my group and I would always do that, and this guy would get frustrated and tried to get us to stop speaking spanish. Then he was telling us about how when he went to Private School, everyone only knew one language and they would always speak this language of "successful human beings", ENGLISH!! He was saying that because, we're bilingual, and that Spanish was our first language, we won't get anywhere in life. HE EVEN STARTED A PETITION IN THE SCHOOL TO FORBID OTHER PEOPLE FROM SPEAKING A LANGUAGE OTHER THAN ENGLISH!! The good thing is that, nobody signed his petition, because I went to a continuation school, with the majority of the student body being some kind of Hispanic. This kid was a sophomore too, He had 3 terrible High School years because of this.

If you weren't able to read all of this, I'll shorten it, It Irritates me when people freak out when I speak Spanish (and to a lesser extent, Japanese).
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Re: What makes you angry?

Two things right off the top-of-my-head at this moment:

Warm weather during the winter. It's winter, I want to be able to sleep under layers and layers of covers! Save this weather for Spring when it's supposed to be nice! (but it never is...where I live. -_-)

The "Brony" fandom - Do not misunderstand, I have absolutely no issue with grown men watching My Little Pony. It's aspects of the fandom that bother me.
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