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What was the last thing that made you angry?

my job.

i suppose "angry" isn't a particularly fitting word... anymore. i've spent my anger, and now it's more like i'm just spent. i'm speading myself thin, getting increasingly tired and mentally exhausted, and i'm not happy at all with what i do. i'm also very underpaid for how often i go out of my way for people here, so i'm just about done and the moment i find a work from home job is the moment i'm immediately leaving and not looking back.
A racist battlefront player posting pictures of 9/11 calling it "the greatest day in american history". I can't decide whether I would leave him in a burning sky scraper to die, or throw him out of the window for him to fall to his death. One of the best battlefront players 1v1d him, but he cheated using the most OP gun, and heals and shields, and then rage quit. I hate him with everything I have
This will sound like a dumb rant, and it probably is, but life itself makes me mad. It is so dull, repetitive, unnecessarily convoluted, and the fact I have to take care of a body I know little of, day in, day out, day in, day out, is annoying as heck; and for little to no reward at that. And the fact I have felt so goddamn sick in the last few months (maybe because I am getting old), does make me appreciate life as a whole a lot less. Not to mention that it is constantly raining (on freaking OCTOBER) and I feel trapped in my house at times. Oh, and the freaking COVID crap is also pouring salt on me. Sorry, I needed to rant somewhere, the therapist I am working with now isn't really helping on the matter of me being so angry all the time and have some serious existential issues. But who can, anyway? Nobody, that's the answer.

Oh, and that damn wrist pain I have right now doesn't make things any better. And the fact that I am still overweight and I can't find a way to eat less, goddamn compulsive eating. And the fact that I'm at an all-time low for energy and motivation, and I can't even make myself to create some art. Except for a paper jack-o-lantern I am working on for decoration.

I really don't know what I would do without fiction and fantasy. They don't help things with "real life", but at least they give me a pause from the dull and awful experience of living, and in a weak and smelly body at that. Not just me, I find all real life animals to be actually dull and smelly too (I live with a dog and four cats, and I don't like any of them, they're disgusting and leave crap all over, and they have such obnoxious personalities... my actual dog, a golden retriever which I cared about deeply, died years ago and I can't currently have another one that I choose).

One reprieve: it is Halloween-Christmas season (along with the much better cold season; I despise heat and hot climates), and that makes me slightly mellower and happier. While it lasts, at least. And the prospect of Pokemon Legends Arceus, as dumb as that sounds.

Sorry, rant over. I needed a load off.
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Welp. Apparently Netflix decided to cancel the 2020 Baby Sitters Club series, a show that I actually like, and as someone who has never read the books before!! Seriously, Netflix? Why keep cancelling all the good shows that you put on your app?!
I have, once again, picked up a virus from my family ( school > nephews > sister > mum > me), which I then passed on to my boyfriend as he was visiting from abroad. :'/

It's a real killer, too, (graphic imagery/medical concerns) the kind of cough that feels as though your ribs are about to burst out of your chest. >_> I'm angry since I get sick as a result of my nephews quite often; I love them very much but I wish there were a greater degree of separation between us. I also feel very, very guilty for passing it on to my boyfriend. Ughh...
No need to list things, post here whenever you want to let out some steam! I'll start:

People who blast music in their car. Especially to the point when you feel the vibrations. -_-
People who scream while raging at video games, in fact, I don't like screaming at all!
my recent boss from my current job got fired and replaced by another one who intends on changing just about everything around, which is incredibly frustrating as the system we've had currently, we've had for years, before i or even he showed up to this restaurant. i don't blame the new manager entirely, the blame lies within the owners who have such a strict (and tbh, unreasonable) way of running things that it's beginning to genuinely suck being here.

good thing i'm leaving soon. >.>
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