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Which episodes aired on your birthday?

Jun 8, 2019
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  1. He/Him
Over the course of the anime's run, have you ever had an episode (or maybe several) coincidentally air on your birthday? If so, which ones?

You can easily find out by searching "first broadcast" "[your birthday here]" on Bulbapedia. Make sure to include the quotes!

My birthday is January 14th, and I've had a few — but the one I'm most proud of might be EP079, "Friend and Foe Alike". It's one of my faves of the first season and it aired for the first time on January 14th, 1999.
EP273, "Gotta Catch Ya Later!" (Ash parts ways with Misty and Brock) came out first in Japan on my birthday.
DP131, "Pedal to the Mettle!" (Ash vs. Paul at Lake Acuity) came out in the US on my birthday as well.
Japanese dates: Hypno's Naptime, A Tents situation (Ash Vs Gary after OI), Training Wrecks, A Sandile Gusher of Change, Just a Scone's Throw from here!

American dates: Island of the Giant Pokémon, Showdown at the Poké corral, The Underground round-up, Viva Las Lapras (Lapras leaves), On The Olden Pond, Tactics Theatrice (Tucker battle), Big Sky, Small Fry.

Odd; a lot during the original series but not many after that. A few important episodes though the only one I have special fondness of is Island of the Giant Pokémon.
Love, Totodile Style (EP153) and The Island Whisperer! (SM031) are episodes that I have seen and that first aired in Japan on my birthday. There are more, especially if including the US broadcast dates, but none of them is an episode that stands out to me (well, not even the ones I've listed do...).
For Japanese Dates

For US dates

None particularly stand out, SM88 is neat I guess? Maybe?

Edit: If my math is right and theres somehow 0 breaks, next one will be HZ071. Exact number aside its some horizons episode unless my birth week is one they take off which is... possible.
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My birthday is January 31st, so let's see:
  1. OS234: Xatu the Future (Japan, 2002)
  2. DP065: Sleight of Sand (Japan, 2008)
  3. DP092: A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine! (US, 2009)
  4. BW111: There's a New Gym Leader in Town! (Japan, 2013)
Let's see...

A Poached Ego! - Aired in Japan December 26, 2002.
Three Sides to Every Story! - Aire in America December 26, 2009.
Mega Evolution Special IV - Aired in America December 26, 2015.

That's all I can find.
EP18: Beauty and the Beach apparently never aired again after my birthday.
BW75: A Restoration Confrontation P1
EP158: A Goldenrod Opportunity
EP159: A Dairy Tale Ending

XY131: Down to the Fiery Finish
BW43: Meowth's Scrafty Tactics
SM135: The Final Four
AG139: On Cloud Arcanine
HZ018: Flying Pikachu, Soaring High

I only remember Down to the Fiery Finish. I suppose for obvious reasons.
EP155: Forest Grumps (2001, dub airing) - Great filler episode where the gang and TR are forced to flee for their lives when they run across an Ursaring.

BW034: Gotta Catch A Roggenrola (2011, original Japanese airing) - One I don't remember much at all asides from Ash catching a Roggenrola.

BW064: Explorers of the Hero's Ruin (2012, dub airing) - A pretty enjoyable episode made all the more entertaining thanks to Cedric Juniper. Love Stuart Zagnit in the role as well.

XY122: A Real Icebreaker (2016, original Japanese airing) - The second part of Ash's gym battle with Wulfric and a great one which made it seem like Greninja was destined for greatness... well at least until Alain thought that light was too bright and thus put the flames out on it during the Kalos league.

SM012: The Sun, The Scare, the Secret Lair (2017, dub airing) - The one where Team Rocket actually somehow managed to beat Ash. Also aired in the UK a day before the US as an extra Brucie bonus.

SM109: A Grand Debut (2019, iTunes store release of the dub) - Ash's last Grand Trial and not a very good one either with the episode cramming too much in and an underwhelming battle against Hapu.

SM124: Living on the Cutting Edge (2019, original Japanese airing) - Was never a fan of most of the Ultra Guardian stuff in Sun & Moon but this was probably one of the better ones though still not without it's problems such as the pointless appearances by Deoxys and Rayquaza.

HZ009: Arrival in Paldea (2023, original Japanese airing) - Only Horizons episode as of now that aired on my B-day and a great introduction to Paldea where Liko stops by to meet her father though it seems he wants her back home.

Funnily enough, mostly Sun & Moon episodes with absoutley nought from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh or Journeys.
My birthday (October 1st) had the initial airings of the following:

DP145 "A Rivalry to Gible On!"
DP146 "Dressed for Jess Success!"
XY090 "Tag Team Battle Inspiration!"
JN082 "The Sweet Taste of Battle!"

EP019 "Tentacool and Tentacruel"
AG095 "The Evolutionary War"
BW031 "Where Did You Go, Audino?"
XY126 "Valuable Experience for All!"

As it stands, I've got four each from Japanese and US airings, including two from Diamond & Pearl that aired as a one-hour special in Japan. Also had at least one from every series except for Sun & Moon. Keep in mind for Journeys, that due to the way Netflix handles the release of the English episodes, I only had Japanese airings to go by. For regions, that's one from Kanto, Hoenn, Unova and Journeys each, two from Sinnoh and Kalos, and nothing from the Orange Islands, Johto or Alola.

Most notable events of this bunch are a giant Tentacruel destroying a city and being banned due to 9/11 (EP019), an episode about Huntail and Gorebyss (AG095), Khoury catching a Gible (DP145), James disguising as Jessilina to win a Contest (DP146) and Sawyer vs Tierno in the Kalos League (XY126).
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