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Which past pokemon content would you like to see again in future games?

  • HGSS Pkmn following feature (it was well executed),
  • secret bases (as in Hoenn),
  • soaring,
  • trainer, Gym Leaders and E4 rematches with increasingly better teams,
  • GB Player for remakes,
  • Sevii Islands,
  • specific areas and lore for mythical/legendary Pkmn.
I'd love to see Super Training make a return in a mainline game if EVs don't go away. However, the best case scenario would be for EVs to go away and there be Grit items to boost your stats like in Legends Arceus, with, of course, a relatively easy way to get the Grit items.
I need Inverse Battles back. Sure, they're gimmicky and pretty easy to figure out, but they're such a mindf*** at first, and I find that fun. :wynaut:
Hugging the pwt Clinging onto the pwt's leg begging The pwt to not leave me again staring forlornly Out of the window Crying wishing for the Pwt to Come Back
being able to participate in a tournament with past champs/gym leaders is honestly just so damn cool. . . i'd love it if a new one could include all of the ones from every gen (ie update it with gens 6-9+ characters and maybe include the trial captains maybe in their own tournament or not idk also an e4 tournament would be awesome) but that's a pipe dream ahaha... :sadsola:
also the hgss method of following mon, the way swsh and especially scvi did it doesn't really do it for me. i did kinda like the walking/running models in the former but i wish they were a little more interactable; i don't think i like anything about the go mechanic in scvi :( aside from auto battles but as a following feature it's just... bad (and admittedly this is a bigger issue for me than it probably is for most people bc i very heavily prioritize forming bonds with all of my mon in the games so the more personal (for lack of a better term) i can get with them, the better, in my eyes).
on that note i also think the quality of the "one-on-one time with your party" features have been getting worse lately. gen 6 did an amazing job with the poke-amie; sm/usum improved upon it in some ways with the refresh but also kinda regressed in some ways imo... camping in swsh was a lot of fun and i'm glad that it gives one the option to spend time with multiple mon at once but i also feel that it took a bit of a step down. and picnics in scvi are just super unsatisfying to me unfortunately :<
would not complain about the pokeathlon coming back either :bulbaLol:
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