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Kheilos' Gijinka blog

Early installment weirdness


You can shout me down, but I don't wanna hear it!
Aug 7, 2023
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Finally making a blog for my Pokémon gijinkas! Here I will post art and lore about them and you can ask me (or them :0) any questions you have!

First, I'm going to give a bit of context for this universe:
My gijinkas' universe is a weird mix between Mystery Dungeon and the normal Pokémon world. Here Pokémon are the equivalent to humans but they have types, weird Pokémon powers and can evolve like normal Pokémon. Evolution is its whole can of worms but it's kind of like human puberty I guess?? (this is getting off-topic... ^^)
The Mystery Dungeon part comes with rescue teams! The characters I'm about to post here all revolve around rescue teams, which are usually formed by three members. Enough chit-chat, I'm going to introduce some of them! I made some quick drawings for the occasion UvU

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-19 010046.png

You've probably met this guy already in my art thread, it's Traf! He was my Pokémon Scarlet starter, now transformed into a real boyyyy. He's the voice of reason in his team, a responsible if rather anxious guy who cares about safety first and adventure later. Though sometimes his curiousity gets the best of him and he leaves safety for another time haha. He did ballet when he was a wee Quaxwell (he hated it) but now he can flex with nice dance moves and Aqua Step.
(Psst, fun fact: Trafalgar is the name of a cape in Spain. That's where the name of Trafalgar Square comes from :D)

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-19 010635.png

The leader of the protagonist rescue team and a massive weeb. She roleplays the hell out of her job, for the discomfort of everyone around her. Probably says "Nani?!" and calls people with Japanese honorifics out loud. Tokusatsu enjoyer (don't ask her about her favourite shows or she won't ever leave you alone)
Other than that, she can kick some serious ass. Maybe watching all of those action shows taught her some moves ^^u
The og Layli is my Lokix from Pokémon Scarlet! She has been in my team since the beggining and the shock when I discovered Lokix was unbelieveable :')

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-19 011120.png

Gijinka of what might be one of my favourite Pokémon of all time (fight me!). Ghaz is as sarcastic, rude and mean-spirited as someone can be. Usually Traf is the butt of all of her jokes, to his annoyance. Regardless, Ghaz is also a very honest person who never lets her teammates down, unless it's funny and/or annoying. Her perfume smells like car exhaust and she uses a fucking motorbike to battle. So badass.

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-19 011456.png

Shams is not part of Layli's rescue team, since she has a team of her own but I haven't drawn the others sooooo... Here's Shams for now. Embodiment of the big sister archetype, Shams is always there to give some existencial advice and maybe illegally enter the crater of Paldea OOPS those are spoilers ;) The og Shams was also a pivotal member of my Scarlet team, so she's very dear to me ^v^

Feel free to ask about them or about their world! I'll post more gijinkas the moment I draw them, since I like to accompany text with images (otherwise it feels empty u-u)
Oh my god I love them so much!!

Ghaz and Layli are definitely my favorites so far, their designs are just peak. Shams looks very huggable and I would like to be her friend :bulbaLove:
Revisiting Layli's design
Wow, it's been a while since I posted here! Thank school and general lack of motivation... u.u"
But I'm back with a bunch of sketches of Layli's rescue outfit! I'll talk about her first designs and the revisiting I did literally two hours ago haha
First off, a bit of that sweet, sweet lore (or actually, just context):
1. Layli hails from western Paldea, so I wanted her clothes to be cowboy-inspired (definitely NOT because I'm currently obsessed with Undertale Yellow and it's everything I think about hahaha), mixed with a bit of anime flair, even if it turned out more cowboy in the end XP
2. Rescue workers don't necessarily need flashy superhero outfits, most of them have an assault best and a bit of protection for the joints when working, Layli is just very extra. She's the in-universe designer for her team's costumes!

With all that in mind, let's get going :D (Note: I know jackshit about character design, please don't use this post as guidelines or anything because it'll turn out bad, probably)

Captura de pantalla 2024-01-05 185712.png

Oh god this one's the WORST. I mean, it was the first idea so of course it sucks more than the rest X) This one's from this summer, back when my gijinkas had animal features (explains Layli's extra arms and insectile legs here...) The V.0 suit is more... Power Rangers than the next to come. I have no idea what the concept here was. I don't think I even used a reference or anything. The helmet is probably based on ScaVio's in-game Lokix helmet, which is the only good piece of armour in this design ^^"

Captura de pantalla 2024-01-05 170128.png

The title explains everything, I drew this yesterday at 1am because I really wanted to start on Layli's redesign :( Here is where I started playing with the cowboy idea! I gotta say this drawing doesn't do much justice to the vest but you gotta be patient because I'm stupid and I merged the layers LMAO So here's a breakdown:
  • Poncho, it covers her chest and back. Kinda stupid because then you can't see the fucking vest I put so much love and care into.
  • Pants are long, bell-shaped and they have Lokix's abdomen design on them. Really disliked this since Lokix's legs are a really important part of its design and this just mixes two body parts together w/o thinking. The cut is also terrible, I'm so sorry for this travesty.
  • The shoulder blades have to go, RIGHT NOW. Not only are they being covered by the poncho but it's really out of place considering Layli's supossed to be a Lokix gijinka, a Pokémon with next to no shoulders.
  • ...Does she have anything underneath that vest?
  • Hat is good, the cut is supossed to be moon shaped, since we're talking about a Dark type... sure thing.
  • Ah yeah, the lasso disappears, I'll explain why later.

Overall, truly a 1am design, I'll never do that ever again. PD: this was drawn using a 3d model bc I was not in the mood for drawing a human body underneath all that crap.

Captura de pantalla 2024-01-05 191235.png

YEEEEEEhawwwww. This version's from two-three hours ago. I gotta say, maybe drawing when you're not tired is not that bad of an idea. V.2 Layli fixes pretty much everything with V.1. I have more notes about it, I'll put them in their own separate spoiler (mainly because it's all in Spanish and I gotta translate LMAO)
Her poncho is now open from the front and the back (which is not visible here) features the Lokix abdomen pattern previously used for the legs. She has a collar shirt under her vest, which now has the "Prohibited" symbol that the original Pokémon bears on its hind legs. The lasso, as promised, is gone. Why? Because I decided that Layli could use throwing knives as weapons. Her throwing knives are on the back of her belt, more on that later. The two antennae on her hat (which now lacks the moon shape) are also hidden throwing knives. Pants are fixed, gloves stay pretty much the same now with the same spikes as the pants (these spikes are sharp and they act as extra damage when she kicks and punches)
I think I'm pretty satisfied with it, but I'm always open for feedback and any criticism.

Captura de pantalla 2024-01-05 192504.png

"Poncho once again lol" "Old and yellowish shirt" Like it says there, the shirt is kinda old and has already survived a bunch of encounters.

Captura de pantalla 2024-01-05 192510.png

"It's supossed to be like an X???" Shape language you are so sexy and mysterious... Here a more detailed body with every piece of clothing on.

Captura de pantalla 2024-01-05 192516.png

Woo! This one's in English! Here the knives and a list of moves that could be used with them.

If you reached the end, thanks you for reading my weird character design rambling! I still have to colour this baby and start working on Trafalgar's hero suit:D I'm not doing a post like this ever again, it took very long because of my shit ass WiFi and it's not very full of insight XP
See you all next time then!


  • Captura de pantalla 2024-01-05 192504.png
    Captura de pantalla 2024-01-05 192504.png
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Everything about this design just screams amazing to me it's just so good

I already loved Layli, and this turns it up to 11, you do not disappoint with these designs my friend.
Coloured Layli + Traf ideas + Naria
Surprise surprise, I'm back sooner than normal! This afternoon I speedran some colouring and finished the design of another character I haven't shown before ^^
I don't have much commentary so let's goooo

Captura de pantalla 2024-01-09 194453.png

Captura de pantalla 2024-01-09 194417.png

Colouring is probably the thing I struggle with the most >n< Maybe that's why I tend to draw fanart over original characters haha. Shout out to my Secret Santa, if they're reading ;) Anyway I think it says it in the original notes but I think the throwing knives look better behind her back :/

Captura de pantalla 2024-01-09 194446.png

Oh God I am struggling with this one. My first idea was some weird samba-like suit and then I completely changed direction and drew some mexican luchador clothes but I nothing convinces me AAARGH My poor boy Trafalgar probably hates going to work like this XD I thought of the white clothing he wears as neoprene or something to keep the water out. The pants and cape are probably waterproof as well (like a raincoat of some sorts) If anyone has a better idea or concept or really just anything, please do share. I'm kinda desperate o.o"

Captura de pantalla 2024-01-09 195307.png

A new gijinka, finally! Well she's new for you, not for me. I finally went back and redesigned her after months of nothing X) Her name's Naria and she's based on the Armarouge I used during my Scarlet playthrough! She sucked ass. I just couldn't get her to keep up with her teammates' levels and I think I sacrificed her during the final battle against the AI for an extra healing turn (sorry Naria, it was for the greater good!). That's why this gijinka of her has terrible fighting skills and has been kicked out of all rescue teams she has been part of. She's friends with Shams, who offers her tutoring but she always refuses. She's a loneeee wooooolf. Naria has the most backstory out of all my Scarlet gijinkas, which is kind of ironic if you think about it qvq I don't wanna rant for any longer so TLDR; she got her Auspicious Armor (not pictured) from her father, who was actually good at battling. And maaaaybe she didn't want to become an Armarouge and now she's insecure about it but don't tell anyone cus it's embarassing for her.

Hell yeah, gijinka brainrot. Don't expect me to keep being this active here because winter break's over and I'm already extremely busy for school. I gotta be honest though, drawing my little guys on my breaks is therapeutic X) Idk how to end this post, so goodbye for now!
New guy: Timsah!
I'm back with a new character! Sorry for the lackluster reference, I'm very tired but I really wanted to draw him for once X) Anyway, I present to you the only gijinka from the Paldea story NOT based on a Pokémon I have used on my team.

Captura de pantalla 2024-01-23 200426.png

A veteran rescuer, teacher and musician, meet Timsah! He's a Skeledirge gijinka, although not based on any existing Skeledirge. He exists purely for the story.
He was Naria's music teacher back in high school, it was probably the only subject she wasn't failing terribly. He sorta retired from both fighting and teaching and now he's fully dedicated to his music. He sings and plays the sax! :D
Naria asks him for some Fire-type tutoring (and Ghost-type too... if possible) and he begrudgingly accepts. He's an expert on whatever concerns the other side, so maybe that's why Naria thought of contacting him in the first place.
Living (undying?) embodiment of the eccentric mentor trope, but maybe he's the eccentric mentor that Naria needs to become a better fighter.
Captura de pantalla 2024-01-23 202601.png

god his head looks massive on this one

Sorry for the lack of polished drawings, I'm not in the mood to draw fully fledged references or pieces of these guys... maybe after graduating, when I get more free time :/
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