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Worst Loss In The Pokemon Anime?

1. Leon vs Diantha, worst curb stomp in pokemon history.

2. Alain’s Charizard losing to a single Dragon Pulse. They were really trying to make us believe that Leon’s base Charizard is that good lol

I could probably buy Alain's Charizard losing if it got hit by more than an Ancient Power and Dragon Pulse.
I thought of another one that I don't really care for: Trip's Serperior vs. Ash's Pignite. I don't really have a problem with Trip beating Ash on this one, other than the anime wanting to establish that Trip is a "credible threat" to Ash. I am more annoyed with how Serperior was able to dodge the Fire Pledge that surrounded it by seemingly teleporting. I can buy moving fast to avoid before it surrounded you but moving past while you are trapped without any damage or struggle, come on! Honestly, I feel I don't really care for any battles that involve Trip's Serperior, except for the one against Ash's Snivy.
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