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Would you SERIOUSLY live in the pokéverse if you could?

Their world seems to be eerie and awesome. No poverty, no complex political and economical agendas, kids younger than 10 can travel the region and give you money when they lose a pokemon battle, no higher education, etc. If I could live in the pokemon world based on theirs, then yes.
But if Pokemons simply exist in our world, then NO.
Hell yes! I am an anime fan and would love to live in various anime worlds and that obviously includes Pokemon! Call me a geek and a dreamer, but it'd be hella interesting and fun at the same time. There's no shame in wanting to either~
No I have 3 kids and at 10 I would not want them traveling the world with no adult guardian.

That being said as a child I would have.
No way.

Living in a world full of monsters who can kill you instantly (sometimes by accident)? Imagine seeing a rampaging Gyarados? Or sentient candles that suck your life?
I also wouldn't like battles. They are cool only because they aren't real? Want a Snorlax to jump on your Eevee? Want to see Pikachu electrocuting your Pokémon with 10M volts (a Z-Move)? How's that not going to kill anyone who isn't a Ground-type?
Then you have a Pokémon that's hotter than the effective temperature of the Sun. WTH?
And let's not forget all the evil teams.

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Ever since I saw this video (and played Pokemon Go) I'd have to say absolutely. It would be so cool to interact with different kinds of Pokemon in real life!

The video is of a guy playing with a Pikachu in virtual reality, but he looks like he's actually in the world in the video (green-screen maybe?) and thought it was awesome.
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when I was a kid I would have loved in the Pokémon world even now the way it's shown the series makes it seem like it would be pretty cool
I'd definitely do it, without a second thought. This world I live in now is super sucky and boring. My future is pretty much gonna be me getting some boring job, working until I'm 60, get screwed over by social security, and end up dying in a nursing home. I don't want to live doing the same thing over and over again. In a world of Pokémon, I wouldn't be crushed by boredom. Sure, it'll be dangerous, but at least I'd go out with a bang instead of slowly wilting away during a probable economical collapse or something.
The games, the anime and the manga are mainly centered around pokémon rather than around the pokémon universe. In other words, what we are shown is only a very selected part of the world, that is the part of the world that is of interest to pokémon trainers. We know that there are highrise buildings, for example, and bridges, and trains. That indicates that there are people with an engineering background, as someone obviously is able to build these structures. There are human hospitals in the anime, as has been pointed out, and if there are human doctors and engineers and so on, then they must have studied somewhere so there must be schools, even if these aren't shown.

Trying to deduce how non-pokémon aspects of the world works from watching the anime or playing the game is probably a bit like trying to understand how our world works by only watching Animal Planet. You would assume that there are highly dangerous or poisonous animals everywhere, that the humans who do not earn their living by fishing for sharks during hurricanes do it by wrestling crocodiles, and that most pets are abused and have to be rescued by animal protection officers.

There are dangers in the pokémon world, but if you watch the anime or read the mangas, most pokémon that are shown, even wild pokémon, do not randomly attack the protagonists. I would think that pokémon, just like animals, can have more or less of an aggressive disposition and vary in their likelihood of attacking people.

I would like to visit the pokémon world, if it had existed, and I may have liked it there, but when it comes to living there, it's hard to say from what is shown in the anime/games/manga. If I had lived there, I wouldn't have become a pokémon trainer. I would have pokémon, but I wouldn't use them for fighting. I'm not sure if I would have a pokémon-related occupation or if I would have it as a hobby.
I would love to live in a world where you'd have no problems if your Pokémon are strong enough.
Training Pokemon would be a huge responsibility, especially where ethics are concerned. I'd like to live in a world like Pokemon, but I'd need to be ready for that.
Why everyone think living in the Pokemon World = becoming a Pokemon Trainer, or = an utter necessity to catch Pokemon and travel the world?

I would love to live in the Pokemon World, but unfortunately I don't think I'll become a Pokemon Trainer, nor I'll go travel around the world. Despite I would love to have a pet at my home (I had a cat before anyway), but why must I train it for battle purpose? I don't train nor groom my cat for it to go enter any cat contests, nor I want to enter any contest. Why then I will suddenly wanting to do so just because I moved to the Pokemon World?

Pokemon World is dangerous? In Real-Life, you really don't think the wild rain forest in South America or the savannah in Central Africa is much safer than the jungle and forest faraway from cities within the Pokemon World, do you? And in any case, one don't venture into these places if you don't have that needs (I am 100% sure I don't have that needs), then why call it dangerous?

If just because Pokemon holding supernatural power that may causes harm to human being is the thing people worried about so much, then I can say the same things to gun and weapons, because these things hold extreme attack power that can easily causes lethality to anyone, the Real-Life US that allows everyone to hold a gun could potentially be more dangerous than the Pokemon World.

With all these counterarguments, my final answer towards this "Would you seriously live in the Pokeverse if you could" is just plain and simple: Why not?
When it is not more dangerous than the Real-Life Iran and North Korea, and when its overall economy is not worse than the Real-Life Brazil and Russia, and when its political system is not more controversial than the Real-Life China and EU, what makes life in Pokemon World worse than our Real-Life?
And yes, I'm deadpan serious.
I want to write Pokemon Story by myself, but leaving in this then no. Except if there is any lovely very pretty really pretty girl with time, who love me; so I can love her.

Such as Serena, Dawn, May are really very very very cute. I want her to have a really pretty dress, and wear a s pretty skirt.

If all these are happening then maybe I will be a pokemon master, no I meant Oneechan Summilier
If living in the Pokémon world is as dangerous as it seems, then I could just decide to appreciate the world and... go outside..?
No, with my real personality I'd probably be like Natural Harmonia Gropius and avoid pokemon stuck to Pokeballs. Also Pokemon aren't animals, they are far beyond that, a fire-type would probably burn down your house, a water type would flood your area, an electirc type would shock you to death, Normal types would be somewhat allowed, but they'd be to strong to handles, forget the pseudo-legendaries, only a few Pokemon would be realistically ownable and everyone would prevent them from evolving. If Pokemon did exist as fully evolved, it would mostly be for friendship reasons and companionship, send them into battle and you'd be dead by tomorrow.
if i could be a Pokemon, yes.

Also, I like how you can black out on top of a mountain fighting Articuno and end up at the Pokemon center with nothing lost. That might be unrealistic. I think being a Pokemon Trainer is a very dangerous thing.
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