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Preview XY112: The Master Class Begins! A Maidens' Fierce Fight Where Sparks Fly!!

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Oct 30, 2010
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XY112: The Master Class Opening! The Maidens' Fierce Fight Where Sparks Fly!
Airs: March 17

Here is an image of the episode.


Here are the summaries of the episode, courtesy of Dephender. There are also new images of the episode as well.

Here is the first batch.


From the first image.

The curtain rises for the stage of your dreams!!
Serena is aiming for the top Performer title, Kalos Queen!
The time has finally come for her to stand on the stage where she can fulfill that dream!!

How will the Pokemon Showcase climax turn out!?

From the second image.

Aim for Kalos Queen! The Pokemon Showcase Climax!
In Pokemon Showcase, you put on magnificent performances together with your Pokémon. A lineup of rivals appropriate for this sunny stage lies in wait!

A mass gathering of Serena's rivals!
Only skilled Performers who have won their way through Showcases all over the place are gathered here. Here is a presentation of the 4 you need to give extra attention!

Serena: I'll definitely make it there!

Rival 1: Millefeui
When it comes to baking, her skills are on par with Serena. She puts on sweet and fluffy performances together with her partner Swirlix.

And concerning Ash...?

Serena and Millefeui are rivals that both like Ash. This competition is on their mind too!

Rival 2: Nene
Always full of energy! She teams up with her partner Smoochum to put on lovely performances!

Rival 3: Musavie
Jessie from Team Rocket participates in disguise! She has even won in direct performance competition against Serena!

Adult glamour!

She rolls out flashy performances alongside her partners Gourgeist and Meowth. She may be constantly causing trouble, but her love for acting is genuine!

Rival 4: Shauna
She has stayed Serena's best friend throughout the adventure so far. Precisely because they're so good friends, they can go all out against each other without holding back in the slightest!

An intimate friend, as well as the ultimate rival!

Shauna is Serena's precious friend that gave her the opportunity to aim for Kalos Queen in the first place.

The Kalos Queen: Elle
The absolute Number One, possessing both fame and skill! The performances she puts on attract all of Kalos to them.

But what will the result be...?
The performances finally start, with the bigshot producer Palermo watching! What will the final result be!?

The Pokemon Showcase climax airs across two weeks, on March 17th and 24th!

From the third and final image.

The Master Class Pokemon Showcase finally begins! Aiming to become Kalos Queen, Serena puts on her best ever performance!!

Here is the second batch.

The day Serena can attempt the Master Class has finally come. All her tough rivals, Shauna included, are there participating as well. Serena heads onto this stage she has longed for with a performance that has everything she has fostered so far packed in her heart.

The day of the Master Class arrives for Serena, and Shauna, Miette, Nini and Jessilee, rivals she's competed against before, have assembled there as well. However, she needs to be the last person standing among these in order to challenge the person she truly wishes to; Kalos Queen Aria, who waits for her in the finals. Serena goes on stage carrying all the technique and passion she has fostered so far on her journey in her heart.
Yes and I'm just as surprised as you. I thought at the very least this episode was going to be where Serena gets her next Princess Key or a training episode, but for this to be the Master Class seem weird to me. I mean, Ash hasn't even received his final Kalos Gym Badge.
Yes and I'm just as surprised as you. I thought at the very least this episode was going to be where Serena gets her next Princess Key or a training episode, but for this to be the Master Class seem weird to me. I mean, Ash hasn't even received his final Kalos Gym Badge.
They are going to pull a Sinnoh on us and have the badge directly after, and the league done by June, just watch.
This isn't that surprising considering that the data broadcast implied a Showcase arc, and the writers clearly aren't interested in allocating too many episodes to Serena's quest. It's about time they picked up the pace.
I've always said if anything was gonna make the XY series fall short of the diamond and pearl series, it would be Serena and the showcases. It took so long for these to get going and now they've been wrapped up so fast. I doubt Jesse will compete, which just seems strange because I have her win one Princess key, when they could have just given it to Nini? I'm sure the episodes will be good, most showcase episodes are, but for me to consider it a good Ark it needs more time and attention. I'm actually a little disappointed
Jessie could still compete I suppose, if she just showed up with Keys she got offscreen
The Great Waifu Wars is upon us.

So it seems Serena managed to defeat Amelia and win her third and final Princess Key in the Frey City Pokémon Showcase. I'm happy with that. Giving a Key to a random character like Amelia this late in the game would have been a waste.

I'm surprised that out of all the Performers Nini is the first one we know for sure is going to be in the Master Class. What are the chances of her Gothita having evolved all the way into a Gothitelle by now? I would like to see Gothitelle performing on stage (there were various Unova Pokémon that I thought were perfect for Coordinators when Best Wishes was airing and I was mourning the death of Pokémon Contests, Gothitelle is one of them).

I want to congratulate the writers for taking so long to rehash old concepts into a sexist, second-rate goal for our female lead and then rush with it. Not that I wanted to see Serena losing over and over again, but I certainly wouldn't mind if they had showed Jessie and the others earning their Keys. They don't need to dedicate an entire episode to a Showcase, something like the Brussel Contest where Zoey got her fifth Ribbon would suffice. But no, we never got to see Miette or Nini earn anything. Not even an announcement on TV, like how Marian revealed Kenny and Nando to have added new Ribbons to their collections.

Also, since Jessie will likely be among the contestants, and knowing she still needs two more Princess Keys, she will win them in 10 episodes. That's Kanto Badge quest pace. Too rushed.

But enough about me complaining, I am looking forward to the Master Class Showcase. I think Palermo will play an important role here. Maybe the first round won't be judged by the audience this time and instead we'll have Palermo and Aria evaluating the Theme Performances. That should be good. Also, it would be nice if the first round theme is Pokémon Styling, it was the theme for Serena's first Showcase and I think it would be fitting. Maybe Valerie can show up as a special guest judge since she's a fashion designer and all. I'd love that.
Well, looks like they really are trying to wrap things up!

Though what I'm concerned about is what they're going to do with Serena after this.

It's bad enough poor Clemont's mostly useless now, but just what can they DO with Serena without the Showcases (besides drool over Ash)???:confused:
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Great, Serena can lose here and we can spend the rest of XY having her pine over Ash :D
Does everyone think that the Master Class will all take place in this eppy? Or those things might be spread out over the course of several?
One thing: Poor Pancham in the picture. XD

I think the reason why they're wrapping it up in this episode(s) because later a lot of crazy things with Team Flair, Alain, and Zygarde is going to happen and they won't have time to think about what they want to do since they'll be busy with saving the world. But in Diamond and Pearl, Dawn didn't have all of her ribbons when Ash, Dawn, and Brock had to stop Team Galactic.
I find it weird they're wrapping up the Master Class now... Makes me wonder when the League will be.

Poor Pancham.
But maby it is good that their is a thing in pokémon for girls! Yes indeed, pour Pancham, but Serena looks more self-esteem that ever!
Wow, they rushing now, maybe XY is ending sooner than expected, I mean in November or something.
Would love to see Valerie in this episode as a judge :D
Really surprised that we're already starting on the Master Class now.
So I'm a little confused on what exactly the Master Class is, I'm sure they've said it somewhere but I missed it. Is it just a harder version of a regular Performance? Is it a tournament? Is there battling involved (to set it apart from the Rookie Class)? Is it just one Performance or a series of them? If it's a series of them then it makes sense they'd start it now, especially if Gen 6 is ending this year.
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