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Your newest purchase or gift

This cool t-shirt and badge/sticker set from the Radwimps concert last Sunday (part of me is still buzzing from that). Merch was selling like mad before and after the show and I'm happy I managed to bag these.


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I bought three dresses today at an outlet Dillard's. Two of which I can't even fit into yet until I lose weight... I'm supposed to be saving up for moving but here I am buying more clothes... SMH. lol
As always, had a little shopping spree at MCM Comic Con. Bought some more manga, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Vol 11, Ocarina of Time Definitive Edition and Chainsaw Man Vol 1. Also bought some funky little Ace Attorney keyrings, got a little Waddle Dee out of a Kirby themed Gashapon machine and got my Pokémon 4Ever DVD signed by Eric Stuart (would have loved to have gotten Veronica Taylor and Rachel Lillis to sign as well, but their queue was a bit too long, but that's okay)! Plus, a little knitted Dalek for my brother. There was also this really cool Jojo World exhibit that was displaying some awesome Jojo merch, but sadly none of it was for sale. Maybe if they come to the UK again, they'll bring some to sell.

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Decided to go to FanimeCon that was happening this weekend and boy, got some interesting things.

  • A 10 minute commission of me being a character of another universe
  • A new Pikachu keychain
  • Pokemon inspired boba keychain
  • Pikachu license plate holder
  • Some stickers for my bike and car
  • A Pikachu Pillow
Had my hair done, followed by a short trip to the nearby town where my old school is located. Treated myself to a new hat, a couple of t-shirts, some art supplies and had lunch at a little cafe I used to frequent.

Also some more fabric and a new belt for this cosplay I'm working on.
Went to the Wildlife Aid Open Day today (something I've been wanting to do for ages) and came back with some nice bits and bobs, all in aid of the charity. Including a tote bag and t-shirt with a silhouette of a fox with Ricky Gervais's signature on it (he's their current celebrity ambassador) and this stunning wildlife photography book containing photos by Lawrie Brailey, who's one of the chairty's well-known rescuers, especially on their YouTube channel.
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Got the Pokeyman Paldea Evolved Elite Trainer box from Amazon as I THOUGHT it had a good price per card. (It has a fine price per card but it’s a bit higher than I thought as my brain wasn’t working; I wouldn’t consider it a “bad buy” though as there is other stuff besides the booster packs) It hasn’t arrived yet though
Baby powder from the pharmacy and chips from the mini market. Weird combo I know, but that is what family asked me to get so...
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