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Your newest purchase or gift

Your first purchase huh? Nice! I myself have bought sooooo much stuff from the Pokemon Center (mostly plushes,) including my latest purchase, the Smoliv Pokemon Center plush, which just arrived yesterday!
Bought all two volumes of an extremely obscure manga series that was in turn based off of an obscure visual novel! It's one of my favorite VNs, though, and I've never read the manga based off of it, so I'm excited to have some physical material for it on me. My first time buying manga for myself, come to think of it...

Shipping costs hurt a little T_T, but that's to be expected when you're ordering from overseas... though they were only like 300 yen in total and shipping was like 2600 yen, ugh. I saw a cute Cardcaptor Sakura collectable card as well, but I wouldn't have been able to combine the orders so it would have been useless for me to pay even more for shipping LOL. I think they should come relatively soon, so I'll have to give an update when they do!
This is a bit of a stretch but I went to the library and got two books. Loveless by Alice Oseman and Once upon an Alphabet by Oliver Jeffers. My mom also got me a Mountain Dew and Sour Patch Kids so that more so counts. I am pretty excited to finish Loveless as I appreciate the rep as an ace myself.
Some black printer ink and some printer paper from Office Depo's website, as I'm out of the former and running low on the latter. Gotta print those chapters to give to my proofreader somehow, right?
Will be doing a haul post later this week, but got some Reese's Puffs cereal. The ones promoting DBZ:

I bought some shoe glue, because my work shoes are falling apart. :X
My first Yuri manga. Seen the title mentioned and such by fellow fans of Little Witch Academia and The Owl House:
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