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  • So I made a blog post about what happens if you give Grass an immunity to Fairy, and I'd like to see what are your thoughts on both my (admittedly weak) analisys, and on the idea of Grass being immune to Fairy in itself.

    If you are not sold on it, well, Venusaur would become devastating. Maybe it is overkill.
    Would you like to participate in the BW retrospective? What I am doing is to gather opinions on BW's past when all of it were new, and then the one who opines will reveal their opinions on that matter now, such as when the names of the games were first revealed and the batch of Pokemon revealed. The list include competitive battling stuff (including Triples and Rotations), if you want.

    If you agree to participate, you will be given a list through PM, and then you could choose at least one topic to cover.

    Thanks for reading.
    That means a lot, thanks. The blog feature is something I really like about this site. I come from SPPF, and they don't have something like that there.
    Oh, I definitely know what you mean! I remember when I wrote my old list it took days. I better get started on it sooner rather then later.
    Thanks! My old list has become outdated though, so I'll have to rewrite the list itself before I get into the entries. Are you writing the list as you write the entries, or is the list finished?
    I don't have any problems with your selections, because they're just that, your selections. If your opinions differ from mine, that's perfectly fine. You really are an inspiration to me though, I have actually done a top 100 myself in the past, but I never wrote long entries, or any entries at all for that matter, I just listed them. So, I'm probably going to do a top 100 blog with long entries as well sometime, if you don't mind, since you kinda started it.
    No problem, I'd just like to remind you that it is Non-redis, so no trading it to other people please.
    Do you have any Normal-types you would like to provide a quote for? Note: Families are based on Generation, so Clefairy & Clefable is separate from Cleffa, for example.
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