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  • Daaaaaymn straight. :p

    Some recent developments have gotten me more on edge than usual... but I'll PM you those details. Even though you're not a mod anymore, I still consider you a fantastic person to seek some guidance from when it comes to troubling things like this. XD
    Man, it feels good seeing you being on pretty much the same page as me, in that we both want Dawn to win, but because the writing in BW is both shitty AND crazy and because they already had Iris beat her rival with her pseudo-legendary she can't control and because this is a very convenient homage to the games the anime is trying to advertise right now, it's hard to believe that will actually happen and all this is gonna go to pot.

    Right now I'm feeling the slightest bit oppressed because apparently being negative about this is a horrible, horrible thing and we're horrible people for being negative about something we genuinely dread.
    Good luck with your life mate and thank you for all contribution you did both as mod and member around here. We may not share same view on many things, but be sure that i respect you as person and i enjoyed in several debates we used to have in past. You were worthy opponent.
    You know you can't leave this forum because you are a ranting fiend and you need an audience. Sayer of truth.
    Oh yea, you missed the fun on Sppf lol. I was, more or less, running a one-man army over there debating against the whole Dragonite thing. I mean, people were even pulling out the "sexism" cards. XDDD inb4 the "new rival" is Iris

    I'll give the film this much. I think I liked Andrew Garfield, more than Tobey Maguire (sp?). Emma was also alot better than Dunst. The Lizard was really bland though. Doc Ock deifnately trumped him in the villain department of the Spider-man films. I've seen Avengers, like, three times. I love that movie to death. Of course, I can't wait for TDKR..it looks to be ever bit as good as the others. Too bad this is Christopher Nolan's last Batman film, but I guess he felt that 3 good, solid films were enough.

    I actually kind of liked Transformers 3
    A small part of me wants to believe Trip or the "new rival" will win here. I kinda want Bianca to be the star here though. Dawn is a bit of a wildcard. Ash obviously won't win, given they don't tend to give him big victories before the league.

    What movies have you seen recently? Last one I saw was that new Spider-man, which I thought was okay...at least better than Sam Rami's Spider-man 3.
    Well, hopefully given that the "new rival" is potentially going to be here, along with Trip and Bianca. Hopefully the writers focus on the league contenders this time around, and not anyone else. They've been kinda shafted in the last two tournaments.

    Oh, that's cool. Haven't been doing much myself, working over summer and had some oral surgery recently. But other than that things have been pretty same. You?
    How do I know what it is? :p

    I discovered it, "accidentally," like I happen to do with most of the things I come across.
    MMD Hilda Dawn May by Nyon ★ Pokemon BW DP AG (High Rated / Top Favorite Video) - YouTube

    When I saw this video I thought of you for some reason.l
    So Musa told me. It's part of the reason I made a public VM about it. Give me some credit here man :p
    Ahem. In my GREAT MERCY, I have chosen not to rename you Princess Iris (for the third time).

    Be glad I'm so nice.

    (Also, only Musa has the avatar, so it was getting complicated having both of us get into your profile everytime)
    Hi, how come you never call or write? We should talk more often though, so are you excited about Dawn return?

    It really is surprising that she will stay for so long(that was unexpected), and im interested in how will things play out with additional character for awhile. I wish we see some other older friends in BW2 later on but eh, that's probably too optimistic to expect.

    p.s. Your avatar, erm is shocking in least hand.
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