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  • Just a warning. Attack me and I shall rip your teeth out, meaning that you can no longer be adorable by chewing on things.
    YAY! ^_^ But when Iteru decides to be evil, I give you permission to attack him! Also, you can eat Brock whenever you want (but I won't recommand it, you may be affected by him and turn into a boring background character)
    NO!!! Don't hit my friend Toge T_T Do you HAVE to hit someone? (I really wonder if that Pip ep was supposed to end the Draco Meteor thing...)
    It's easy - I'm a Piplup and Iteru is a Piplup too
    We both suffer from you because you're such a selfish crazy land shark that keep hitting us with Draco Meteor
    So we decided to try to kill you... we thought about telling Misty fans that you plan to kill her, but I guess you'll simply eat them...
    Let the penguins live!!!
    Gible is my friend! That's awesome! Wait... if I'm Piplup and you're Gible... does that mean you're constantly hitting me with Draco Meteor? 0__0 *run away*
    Ill be posting some today,got waaay behing in episode 15 lol,stupid school and kanto lovers kinda kill the enthusiasm sight* ecxactly all the power of pika said before me.
    Hi. Just wanted to say I'm reading your reviews in the marathon thread and I'm finding them enjoyable to read. hence why I'm posting a visitor message. I would review what I'm watching if it weren't for all those fans feeling like they need to attack and defend their favourite episodes for all their worth.>_>
    Kind of destroys the whole spirit of the thread when they do that. I would rather see them contribute and review aswell than do what they're doing at the moment.
    keep up the good reviews. I like seeing a different point of view.=)
    drats so that means your already caught... I'm going to have to join team rocket then...
    Hey,bro! loved this post of yours "You're right,(....)
    Seriously... I shake my head in nonchalance when I hear people suffering from nostalgitis. " you dont mind if I quote it in my signature right?
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