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  • The forums are running again and under new management, namely a web network group called ‘Thunderbolt’. Bear in mind that we're not starting fresh; everything that was on the indy servers is still there, so no-one has to re-create anything yet again. Cheers. :)

    P.S. Disregard the VM of mine below this one ;D
    Thank you.; u ;
    But I can't see the picture, it says the image/link is broken.D;
    Maybe there's something wrong with the PM system...
    Try sending me the direct link.:D
    Hmm now that I had more time to think about it I was thinking that maybe...
    We'll still keep it long arm warmers but at the top, it'll have a gauntlet effect. c:
    For example, the top can look like this,
    or something like this,
    So it would be both a warm warmer and gauntlet, to give it a bad ass but cute look!x3
    Sorry, I'm always a bit annoying with stuff like these.xD I just love making nice outfits. o u o
    Yes yes.; u ; They will.~
    Ahh you should, it's a lot of fun.:D
    And people there are usually very nice there. I've been a member there for a very long time, and I think I may have only got into 1 or 2 small fights.xD
    Hmm now that I remember, the arm warmers/sleeves should be longer than actual arm length. Kind of like a Vocalod.x3
    Urgh sorry, I must be really annoying.xD (I feel like an ass. ._.)
    But other than that, everything is super cute and perfect!!!> u <
    Thank you!! ; 0 ; I was starting to think my drawing sucked.xD
    Though I find it's not my best works, but since it was meant for Advanceshipping day I'll finish it.~ :D
    By the way, do you have a DeviantART account?
    Yeah, I know what you mean. I don't have a drawing tablet, so it's hard to draw on Photoshop.> . <
    So I have to use both the mouse and the Pen Tool. But it's not so bad once you get used to it, it's just that there are some disadvantages to it of course.D; (Like I can't colour the hair in a specific style and I can't seem to get the lineart nice and crisp.:/)
    And problemo. c:
    LOL. I love the chibi's, there so cuteeeee!xD
    My favourite pose is when she's sitting down, holding her knees. ; u ; So cute.~
    Thanks, I can't wait to see it!> u < (By the way, your drawings are awesome.)
    Oh by the way, I just just wondering, will my character be more of a rival or more of a allay character?; 0 ;
    Because I think allay/friend character would be better, because I don't want to be the douchy rival.xD LOL.
    And thanks, awesome!>83
    Oh by the way, I forgot to just mention a couple of more details (sorry).
    Her short hair reaches about under her chin, and when her hair gets long it reaches about above her knee.
    On her dress, the bottom will have a thin red line (but doesn't overlap zipper and white line surrounding zipper).
    Then, again on both sides of her dress, it will have 2 thin red lines going from the top to the bottom. The 2 lines are a bit separated from each other and have a pattern like this; (I did this literally in 2 seconds on paint, so it sucks.xD)

    Okay, so I think that's all I forgot to mention.; u ; Again sorry.D;
    Oh and I guess I'll go with gym battling. c: I prefer battling anyway.o 3 o DERP.
    Hey, I wanted to send you my reply to your private message. But I still don't have enough post's.xD
    Ohh sounds interesting! c:
    Name: Kamiko
    Age: 15
    Hair: Short white hair. Second, long white hair.
    Eyes: Red
    Clothing: A sleeveless tight black short dress with a silver zipper going down the middle with white lines on the side of the zipper. Then a big long red scarf. Grey combat boots, go above knee. They have small heel, black laces. Black long arm warmers (are longer than actual arm length), at the end/bottom of arm warmer, it has a thick red line on it, with a white line in the middle. Then the top of the arm warmer has a white line again. Then a thin red ribbon tied on her right leg (thigh).
    Personality: She's a bit of a loner and has a harder time making friends. She's a big cry baby, but her Pokemon always support her. Despite her being beautiful, she has no confidence in her looks. She's very clumsy at times, and very quiet. She likes to paint, sketch, read and sometimes write. She also likes to battle, but the main purpose of her travelling is so her and her Pokemon can explore the world and see new things.
    Background info: She was abounded when she was 5. It was a cold winter day, and there was also a huge snow storm that day. Her mother left her in the middle of the city, so she was petrified and alone. When she was running around the city during the snow storm to find her mother she got lost and almost froze to death. But then a wild Froslass saw the poor little girl and guided her to safety. That was her first Pokemon.~ She was also abused and bullied a lot, so one day, when she turned 10 she decided to run away from her foster home.
    All her Pokemon (2 teams//12 Pokemon): Froslass, Ninetales, Lilligant, Starmie, Eevee, Altaria, Gardevoir, Beautifly, Zangoose, Absol, Galvantula, Ariados.
    But her main team is; Froslass, Ninetales, Lilligant, Starmie, Eevee, Altaria. (Especially Froslass.)

    And I think that's it.: D I hope I'm not to late.~ ; u ;
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