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  • I have Rattata, no Barboach. D: Interested in a Dw Female Buneary instead? I just got her from the Dw today and I already have my own. ^^; And I have everyone ready now, Rattata included. And don't worry about all the questions. :p
    -Psyduck for Treecko
    -Poochyena for Roselia
    -Drifloon for Cacnea
    -Anorith for Bulbasaur
    -Krabby for Leafeon
    -Tentacool for Tropius
    and Mrs. Mime will be a gift then. :3
    This okay with you?

    And my time zone is GMT -4, I'm usually available after school. But that varies depending on the day. ^^;
    Leafeon....o.o Now your speaking my langauge....So you want me to breed you all of them then? (excluding girafaring of course)
    I have all but girafaring. ^^ Want me to surprise you or is there a particular one you want?
    Well currently i have been offered and scheduled trades for all the last DW pokemon i need. And i'm not really keen on adding to my load of stuff to breed. It would all depend on if what you want is any of what i have left over from past breedings.

    Though i would recommend this thread ---> CLICK!
    She is offering DW pokemon for reasonable offers.
    I don't feel comfortable taking a shiny. :/ How bout I'll breed you two Dw females for the tropius? ^^ Consider the second one a gift. Just tell me what your missing. And Mrs. Mime is all set by the way.
    Oh really that's a bummer. D: I'll be happy to breed you one no problem. ^^ As for what I want....I have no idea :/ Hmmm.....Have any grass types? I'll be happy with any grass type really. ^^ And you don't mind waiting a bit for the Mrs. Mime? Since currently I'm stuck in school... >.<
    I already have Poliwag. And Vulpix. And... lots and lots of things.

    "Just shut up and accept my generosity", to quote .hack//GU. Just trade me something and I'll give you the Illumise.

    My FC is 5329-0189-2239. I'll be logging on now, I guess.
    If you don't wanna trade me either of those things, then don't worry about it.

    Look, I have two and I couldn't unload them all in the topic I made last week. If you just want one, just trade me anything holding Mail. I Just wouldn't feel right taking a flawless Shiny, especially when I'm not gonna keep it myself.
    What would I like?

    Duskull with Reaper Cloth/Dusknoir (There's a kid at the League I go to that loves Ghost-Types, and wants to trade for my Dusknoir. I'd rather not trade him that, so I could use another one. Stats, etc, don't matter.)
    DW Female Sableye

    If you don't have either of those... well, just make your best offer. I'm not picky, I'll take pretty much everything. (I'm nice like that)
    Of course you can help--in fact, you've done so already. I've taken some inspiration from you for the Sugar pokemon, but it's not quite your idea: if we're going by identity, then the Sugar pokemon should probably be a Grass type. However, if we also/instead go by effect, (as your idea seems to be,) then I think that a Sugar pokemon would be uniquely suited to pulling off the Grass/Electric combo. (It could have poison attacks too.)

    The weaknesses of such a pokemon seem especially suitable: Fire, Ice, Poison, and Bug, the last being practically perfect. (It would resist Grass, Water, and Steel 2x, and Electric 4x)

    I already have quite a few ideas for this pokemon now: Charge being one of its attacks, it not boasting many elemental Thunder attacks (maybe a few like Spark), it gaining Baton Pass, and maybe a unique move or two: perhaps a "reverse-entry hazard," something like Reflect/Light Screen but that expires in a different fashion, or, instead, a specialized Baton Pass.

    Its attack will be favored offensively, but ultimately won't be too high (base 85?). It will have somewhat low defenses (55-65?), and its HP will be at best modest (105?). Its Speed will be quite good though (base 105 maybe?)--and who knows what its abilities could be... Speed Boost? Prankster? Rattled? All could effectively increase its speed. No Guard could also be an ability, though I don't really know why--I imagine sugar being defenseless, maybe? (A basic stage of this pokemon [stage 1/2] could get the ability Simple--being a "simple sugar.") Regardless, ultimately, this pokemon will have a rather rounded BST, perhaps, at the max, 480--though it looks like it could be lower and still have some potency as originally designed.

    Meh--feel free to give/take ideas as you wish. Some of these things I've just posted and forgotten about anyway. (I've also come up with a million ideas for moves.)
    I like his voice acting, I think he's an excellent VA who can put a lot of emotion and quality in his voice.

    He recently voiced the main character of Steins;Gate, anime of 2011 imo, and I loved his performance. ^^
    Meh: Onoka Pokedex (New Order Region 1) - Blogs - Bulbagarden Forums

    Sorry I'm so late in replying. (I put off this message because VM's take a while for me to compose, especially if I go over the 2000 character limit.)

    There's actually a huge amount of text in there (and the spoilers make it a good deal more complicated), and the posts below that allow me to manipulate things a bit. Some of the pokemon I've worked more recently on can be found in the bottom post: among these are my 3 starters and their stat spreads, a Scyther-like pokemon (that I really, really like) and its stat spread (it's a Basic Bug/Normal and has a high BST, like Scyther), a Scizor-like evolution of that pokemon (Bug/?) and its stat spread (it has a higher BST, and a wildly different stat spread) that I don't purely like as much, and a pseudo-legend (Dragon/Normal) and its BST (610!).

    I do have a Deviant account--however, I'll probably make a new one for posting purposes. Otherwise, I'm sure I'll be able to upload some basic Paint-sketches of some of my pokemon--I've actually decided the look of my "Scyther" pretty fully. (My Scyther, by the way, is 4'10"-5'2"-ish and basically a swordsman-butterfly, without wings. The evo has wings, and gains considerable Sp. Attack, but loses speed.)
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