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  • Alright, I'll try to check back on here every so often. I will also get on the Bulbatrade IRC channel, if that helps.
    Any combination would be fine, you can surprise me ;p

    We've got a pretty large time zone difference...but maybe I'll run into you sometime this weekend.
    I'll move my plans up, then, and get the posts out of draft mode after I do a little bit of formatting, (just to make them viewable and manageable) so as to maybe give you some ideas.

    They'll probably be up by tomorrow night.
    Out of those I have Exeggcute (Jap), Poliwag and Murkrow. I'll make copies for you. Relic Items / Rare Candies would be fine in exchange. None of these are mine, but they appear to be legit.

    Also, I just got a DW Female Sableye.
    Yep. I had the [New Order Region #1 pokedex] post up on my blog, but I've removed it and currently have it saved as a draft.

    I may try to employ some of the various talents of people on Bulbagarden, and get various of the pokemon sprites.

    Oh, I also started the first region's plot, and have given the starting character and his friends and rivals some interesting family members and neighbors. I don't want to spoil anything, but some of the characters found in this first town* are very interesting and important.

    EDIT: *town
    Ha ha ha ha, that sucks but it's also prety funny. I remember trying all the possible ways to get Mew and was never able to get him until now. Ha ha, it would always frustrate me tho rying to look for him and always failing.
    Onoka is the name of my first New Order fictional region. Every region has a long 'o' in it; mine has two.

    (I view/designate Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh as the Old Order, and Unova as the Current Order, with the next few generations expanding upon it.)
    Are there even going to be remakes? Have they been confirmed?

    Gen III is my least favourite. I still like it quite a bit, I just like the others more.
    Yeah thats true but its still what helped start everything. I love Pokemon Gold and Red, my favorite games out of all Pokemon games created.
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