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American Politics Thread

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Why do they keep on saying "no president before has been subject to this" as if that is reason at all to condemn it?
Why do they keep on saying "no president before has been subject to this" as if that is reason at all to condemn it?
But if I was anyone else, they would say they would deserve it. And this isn't even related to any other investigations (like Jan. 6th) besides like the one where he mishandled documents since he took a bunch without going through certain channels as far as I know.
"Rules for thee but never for me, this is unfair." is all I'm getting from the tweet in the photo. It is always kind of a "huh?" moment when some people think the laws of where they live should not apply to them.

Imagine licking the boots of the guy who sent a mob to hang you.

The first president to have their home raided by the FBI? Most likely. The first president to have a criminal investigation looked into? Absolutely not, prior to Trump, there was: Richard Nixon, Ronald Regan, Bill Clinton, and then George W. Bush.
Treason season starts early this year, as local orange baboon and former US president is implicated in trying to sell nuclear secrets to Saudi Arabia.

In other news, some MAGA chud, incensed at the fact that his object of worship is being investigated by the FBI, armed himself with guns and tried to storm the FBI office in Ohio.

Chud got shredded to bits by FBI agents, and here's hoping that Trump will soon join him in hell after he gets the same chair the Rosenbergs got.
Let's hope the rest of the Tyatsmr cult joins this bitch before it fully metastasizes into christian al-Qaeda.

Once that happens, the future will forever be marred with incessant christian terrorism, not just for the US, but the entire world
Please tell me I'm dreaming and Anne Frank isn't actually among those books mentioned...
I’m convinced Nikki Fried is running for Governor of Florida next year. Not sure if she can beat DeSantis, but she might be the Democrats’ best chance.
I overestimated her, badly. What a disappointment.
Despite this it's very likely that the Republicans will win back both chambers of Congress in November.
Actually, Democrats are currently favored to keep the Senate. This could very well be 2018 in reverse.
I can't believe a whole group could cross the Tyson Zone*, but I guess I was wrong...

*It's when you can say anything about certain people and it would seem believable because they are that bizarre.
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