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Mafia Build-It: Video Game Edition [ENDGAME]


Just popping in to say I'll be aiming to start the game on Friday, regardless on if the last slot fills as the game is still fine to run with less. Will just go a tad over the 30 day limit but I won't be staying at my house tomorrow so it will be harder (nigh impossible) to get the game started. But Friday I'll be home from work as normal!

Thanks again all :D
Just threaten people with starting the game and the slots will get filled automagically.
I'm gonna have to write this one down for the future :p

Sending out role PMs now. Blueprints won't be given out until after the confirmation phase. Confirm whenever!
Blueprint Actions
Heyo, had a couple good questions where I haven't clarified something, thanks to those who asked or pointed it out!

Build <Blueprint Name>: This will build the building, giving you that location as your role, and the abilities that come with it.
Peek <Blueprint Name>: This will allow you to learn the exact abilities of the role, presented to you as though you had gotten the role PM.
Destroy <Blueprint Name> OR <Building>: This will allow you to completely remove a blueprint from the game, not allowing that location to return to yourself or any other player. You may also do the same for the building you have built, removing your role and allowing you to build something new.
Give <Blueprint Name> to <Player Name>: This will allow you to give your blueprint to another player.
Henceforth these will be referred to as Blueprint Actions. Only one Blueprint action may be done per phase, except for Give, which can be used alongside any Role Ability. Build, Peek, and Destroy must be done alone unless I have specified to you otherwise in your role PM.
You must build a blueprint in a phase before you can use the ability for it, you may not build and use an ability in the same night. Any Blueprint or Building you destroy must be one you possess, not just anyone's.
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