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Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol.5

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It's worth noting that the Kino's Journey anime that Crunchyroll is hosting is the 2017 one. I specifically watched the 2003 version; and I mostly see people that prefer that adaptation over the modern version. Those people generally say that the modern adaptation doesn't have the same dark atmosphere and philosophical nature of the older adaptation.

I have watched both versions of it, starting with the modern one. What I can say is that both of them are good, thought as you state the older version certainly feels more nostalgic and philosophical, which adds to the atmosphere the series tries to convey.
Still, while some of the episodes are the same between the two versions (around 2 or 3 episodes are shared), there are plenty of them that are different. Each of those has its own history and ethical reflections, and I feel the two of them complement each other well. Anyways, I think both of them are worth watching.

I dont think Ive heard of that series.

I need a new Anime series to watch myself. Was thinking about maybe JoJo but I cant really decide.

JoJo is an amazing anime!!! And my top one btw. I liked it so much that it was the first series to ever motivate me to read a manga completely (and I mean completely as in reading the 8 parts and being up to date with it), and I would suggest it to any person.
While the first part might be a little bit slow or not as exciting for some, it is in the second one where most of the fans get hooked (It starts on episode 10 of the first season, which encompasses both the first and second part).
After that, the next parts have been adapted very well, and all of them display very well the action and mystery from Jojo's. In general, the series is such a pleasure to watch.

Also, watching it comes with the perks of understanding jojokes and finding good music. I discovered Enigma thanks to it.
I'm going to try my first shot of vodka. If I don't post again after 24 hours, I'm most likely in the hospital.
Yeah, don't overdo it with vodka. Seriously.

So apparently my super old copy of Microsoft Word decided to kick the bucket, and nothing my dad has done managed to fix it. On the up side, we did decide to try out TextMaker 2018, and it works great! I'll be using that from now on! Only now I need to figure out how to copy GoogleDocs text onto there without it turning everything into a big black bushel of scrambled up text.
My plan next year is to see one movie in theaters at least once per week, usually on Tuesdays (as my theater does $5 Tuesdays, $6 for 3D). Since there are 52 weeks in a year, that means I'll have to see a minimum of 52 movies.
That is a lot of movies, wow.

I havent seen a movie in a theater in over a year. I just never really want to go somewhere and see them.
I guess that’s my talent, along with eating in a restaurant alone without freaking out.
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