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Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol.5

oh shit new Legends game announced. cool. i’m intrigued and wondering how they’re going to do the PL:A game style in a big city, if they do at all.
The thing that surprised me the most was that it's set to release in 2025, actually. Perhaps the powers that be learned their lesson after Scarlet and Violet and they've decided to lay off the proverbial gas a bit?

...or maybe not, as they have 24 million reasons why not, I suppose. In any case, I look forward to seeing what they're able to do with the Switch 2! (Whether that be for better or worse...)
there's already furbait pokémon, this is the next step.

deadass complaining about anthro pokémon as just being 'furbait' or whatever is so tiresome, like haven't y'all gotten over your 'eww furry is cringe' era yet goddamn. even worse is it makes it hard to criticize anthro pokémon because people just automatically think you hate them because they're 'furry' like no i do not hate incineroar because it's anthro/furry, i just think the design is bad and ruined litten and torracat lol.

meowscarada is awesome and smug and anthro and i love them
I like Incinaroar myself, don't get me wrong (it's a very cool and intimidating Pokémon). That's not the problem that I have. It's the dating Pokémon part that I don't like.
i wouldn’t say i’m hyped but i am intrigued. very curious what direction they’re going to go with it considering all the like cyber and wireframe motifs of the trailer. and i do think Kalos deserves a revisit, i just gotta see how the game itself looks before i get any hopes up.
I really like kalos so starting my morning finding out about legends z-a was awesome

Kinda annoyed I have to wait until 2025 tho, I’m kinda impatient :p
Well, it will have time in development to be a rlly good game (I hope)
a lot of the time the worse pokemon games are the worse ones because the devs didn't get the amount of time they needed to actually complete the dang game
that's why bdsp and scvi, or at least their launch versions, turned out the way they did
I am genuinely surprised TPC isn't forcing GameFreak to release Legends Z-A out this year.

God I could go on a whole thing but I think everything about the current state of the games is the fault of The Pokémon Company and their (at least until Scarlet/Violet bit them in the butt) need to get a new Pokémon game released every damn year because at this point I would say they care more about the merchandise than anything else and even the games mostly exist as a way to promote the merchandise now, as opposed to the merchandise being meant to promote the games.

That being said, I don't agree with the people who dismiss the statements by TPC and GameFreak in response to SV who are saying things like 'GameFreak listening to complaints? Yeah right!' because they clearly do listen to them. Reviewers and the Pokémon fanbase were critical of Sword and Shield for being formulaic and not even advancing from what the Pokémon games were like on handhelds (where they kind of had to be like that because they were on handheld consoles with limited power) and then what do they do with the Gen IX games? They make them open-world and, while I definitely agree SV needed more time in development and probably should have been a 2023 game, they were listening to the complaints and were trying to do something new with the franchise.
i think i got burnt out on SV because of the framerate issues, which is odd because it was something i could've overlooked to a degree in the past, but hearing that it hasn't improved in the DLC kinda ruined my enthusiasm for playing much of it anymore. u_u i felt so bad for the devs who have had to release patch after patch after patch... it's been quite a lot for SV, i think.

Legends: Arceus at least ran decently, that i recall, so there's the silver lining that ZA will turn out to be similar in that manner.
You can tell how much I don't care about framerate/don't notice framerates because I think SV run fine the vast majority of the time lol.

OK actually saying 'I don't notice framerates' is a bit of a fucking lie because my laptop has a refresh rate of 144 Hz and holy shit if I set it to 60 Hz, it's so goddamn bad. Everything is so much slower goddamn I feel bad for people with 60 Hz displays but also when playing games, I don't actually notice you know unless it's slideshow-level framerate (or if the framerate is wildly inconsistent)
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