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Review BW053: Over the Rainbow! Maracacchi Musical!!


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Nov 23, 2007
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Over the Rainbow! Maracacchi Musical!!

As the gang continue on their journey, they run across three Maracacchi who are practicing for a Pokemon Musical. But one of them has trouble mastering a jump. Can Satoshi and friends help?
Well that was... really unexciting. ._.
Classic CoTD needs help, encounters a wild pokemon and gains his pokemon's trust. Cool.
Well, this episode was certainly interesting looking, if eventually unexciting. Here's my thoughts (by the way, I was only able to half watch this episode as I had our new puppy running around me while it was on so feel free to correct me).

- Man, poor Dredear. What a lousy animated debut, just appearing on a poster and then quickly towards the end.
- This episode pretty much proves why Triple Battles will never catch on in the anime. There's just too much too going on, and I can't comprehend the idea that the Pokemon involved have to remain in their position.
- Was... was that girl on stage singing Best Wishes? I find it funny to see Satoshi commenting on a song that's normally sang by Rica Matsumoto.
- I'm getting really sick of Pendror being made the Ringuma of Best Wishes. There are other forest Pokemon you can use writers.
- You just know that, if Takeshi had been around, we'd have got him singing Takeshi's Paradise on stage at some point.
- Another ending scene at sunset! Really writers, for three episodes in a row?
- You just know that, if Takeshi had been around, we'd have got him singing Takeshi's Paradise on stage at some point.
Forgot to mention this. Yes! I thought this too. So Iris fills the time instead with Kibago on a drum.
Well, that was....At least the cactus Pokemon were cute. Yes, they were very, very cute. And, uh...Stuff happened, and it was very...neat.

Eugh. To be honest, I fell asleep. It wasn't a very interesting episode. But the Pokemon really did make the episode liveable. The humans bored me.
Great episode. Exciting and interesting and I'm glad to see the Pokemon being cute near the start, especially Oshawott, Pansage and Axew. Nice to see Iris stalled for time, but she had no chance at winning that with her Axew just banging on the drum and Iris dancing.

The girls singing the best wishes theme was...unexpected and weird to me.

Nice to see Emolga helped out the Maractus and all in all, great episode.
It... was better than it had any business being, really. Unexciting concept executed well. Made for a watchable, if not exactly outstanding, episode.

- You just know that, if Takeshi had been around, we'd have got him singing Takeshi's Paradise on stage at some point.

This variant was funnier, though.

(also, with the risk of sounding like Scott here, the core plot of this episode was pretty durn similar to "Kireihana's Battle Dancing")
Well that was... Mediocre. Although to be fair, I had KeyHole stuffed into the corner of the screen while I did more interesting things. Kibago was kind of cute. Mijumaru's voice sounded kind of off to me tonight, or maybe I'm just too used to Oshawott.

The only thing I really came away with this episode was wonderibg how the hell DuArt are going to dub that bit. Will they make it some random, meaningless song like with Barry in the Twinleaf Festival?
So the Musical ep was mediocre as expected, didn't we all figure this out the moment the ep was announced?

I swear, its like the writers purposely sabotage all the sidequests from the games like the Pokeathlon and Musical so they wouldn't become a replacement for Contests.
At the very least, this episode introduced triple battles. It was a shame that it didn't go on for too long, but whatever.

I also liked the part where Axew was playing around with the maracas. He accidentally threw them at Oshawott and Pansage, which provoked a fight between the two pokemon.

Everything else about this episode was mediocre.

I swear, its like the writers purposely sabotage all the sidequests from the games like the Pokeathlon and Musical so they wouldn't become a replacement for Contests.

Or they didn't wish to make the Pokemon Musical concept stretch out over the course of the saga.

Musicals are the exact same thing from start to finish, unlike contests in the games or in the anime.

The Musical Hall was situated in Nimbasa City only in the games. Contest Halls were all over the Hoenn region in Ruby and Sapphire.
I just wonder, are the writers forced to give at least one ep from each new aspect of the games? The Musical could have been left with that small scene it had in the Battle Twins episode, instead they have to make an entire ep out of it.

I guess this really proves that no matter what happens in the anime, there will probably never be any other sidequest that gets as much screentime as Contests ever did. The Pokeathlon was a bust, the Musical was a bust, the Pokemon Ranger stuff just gets one or two eps each time, the Battle Frontier of Johto/Sinnoh was skipped.
Just watch this episode and... it was tolerable. Not the best kind of story I would go flamboyant at or say it was a great episode. Then again, most of BW's episodes so far has only stayed at the borderline good area.

I liked the part where Pansage and Pikachu started brawling, bringing Oshawott with them, along with the rest of the Pokemon screen time. 1st episode to show Triple Battle and they just ended halfway. Would have been really exciting for it to continue, especially with Snivy retaliating the Pin Missiles with Vine Whip.

The smaller Maractus could have been given a bit of experiences on handling its fear of heights if Ash brought out Tranquil and have the cactus ride on it. Instead, it just rushed things too quickly here from the trainer's sudden tantrum scaring the Maractus away to having yet another Scolipede appearance. *shrugs confusingly*
ZZZzzzZZZzzz- *wakes up* Gah! Pat, I'd like to buy a vowel!!

...oh? Ugh, sorry, this episode put me into a coma.

I didn't think the writers could manage to do an episode about three dancing prickly-pear cacti and make it boring. They are truly skilled at the mediocre.

We finally get the debut of triple battles, aweso- wait, it got interrupted, much like that sentence. Guess the writers think we'd be more interested in seeing more scenes of optunia being depressed then a three-on-three fight that had potential for being exciting and frantic.

Another Scolipede antagonist? I swear, I'd be convinced these guys are turning into the Beedrills of B/W if they weren't already the bug/poison type basic bug Pokemon for the region. Oh no, the Maractus are in trouble! It's a good thing a gym-battling trainer is there to do nothing but glare angerly at the Scolipede and not help at all so the Maractus can envoke the "get over it's problem in a random dire situation so we can have episode closure" strategy!

I would had loved to see the entire episode be about a girl whacking dharuma monkeys with a piko hammer. Why couldn't it had been about that?!

The only thing this episode brought to me was a desire to go watch Takeshi's Paradise.... that and a craving for pears.

Another ending scene at sunset! Really writers, for three episodes in a row?

Yes, the writers take the Micheal Bay approach to scene-making... only without everything exploding.

And wait, a rainbow? I don't claim to be a meteorologist, but I don't think rainbows show up that well at sunset.... or without any rain or intense-enough moisture in the atmosphere to make it appear.
A rather cute middle-of-the-road ep, and I will say it was more entertaining than it had any other business doing so. The cacti saved the episode from being a snorefest, as well as the montage at the beginning of the 'mons showing off their rhythm.

also. this scene.


Definitely not something I'm jumping out of my seat to rewatch, but it was tolerable and actually watchable without making me want to gauge out my eyeballs. Cheers.
Maa-kun was the best Maracacchi. The other two sucked. I freaking loved Maa-kun, and I hope it gets another appearance. It was clearly the most talented of the group.

Also, I loved it when Axew banged the tambourine. That was just too adorable. :3c But Iris, your "dancing," if you can call it that...You're not a 4-year-old, please don't act like one.
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I'm posting my ep review up later, but I gotta say the Triple Battle part. Now Triple Battles are something I've been excited for and it was really really good in my opinion woooooow, now that's the old Satoshi I know and enjoy, those game winning tecnhiques and strategies reminded me just completely of AG.

-Tsutarja jumping in front of the two scared rabbit eared Pokemon and deflecting that oncoming Pin Missle with Vine Whip.

Now, if he would just work on his other none-starters, and I liked the starters this battle to, there strength power and techniques weren't cheap this time. The Triple Battle was so much fun, why the hell did it have to be interuppted?
This episode was tolerable but could've been better if the writer put more thought into this. That's the problem with most episodes of BW. The writers clearly could've make these episodes so far great if they put more elbow grease into it. Maybe if they weren't trying to make the series last from the current generation's debut to the next, they'd have more time to think things through. That and if they were actually innovative and creative but what do I know?

I liked the cute antics of the gang's Pokemon. If it was more about that (like Pikachu and the others make mischief at the Musical and hilarity ensues), this actually would've been good.
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