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Cilan VS Brock

Cilan VS Brock

  • Cilan

    Votes: 46 48.4%
  • Brock

    Votes: 49 51.6%

  • Total voters
I vote Dento all the waaay :goof: After a while, Brock got boring. And, I think Dento's cuter :3
One of them was one of my favourite protagonists of the anime period. The other is one of the few I actually hate.

Although, arguably, I'm beginning to like Clemont more than both of them.
in my mind this isn't even a question brock is in the top 5 characters in the shows history along with paul, gary, james and meowth
Cilan, his evaluations and stuff never got old. Plus I loved how attached he was to his cooking supplies. He freaked out when his spoon was used to attract Minccino and he got upset when Ducklett stole his pan. It's a shame they didn't show him try to become S rank before he left
I only like him a little more than Brock though. I never stopped liking him......... Croagunk improved him.

Both are MILES above Clemont though. That guy is the worst male companion
I would have to go with Brock. He was an original travelling companion of Ash and is a real laugh at times. I didn't really get Cilan.
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