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Cilan VS Brock

Cilan VS Brock

  • Cilan

    Votes: 46 48.4%
  • Brock

    Votes: 49 51.6%

  • Total voters
Eh, I was getting a bit bored of Brock's antics during mid-late Sinnoh so Cilan was a real breath of freah air for me. He also supplied the anime with an almost unlimited number of sparkles, we can't really argue with that.
Cilan ofc! Brock was boring, even the girl gag was boring. Cilan's tasting time, though? Invaluable!
Cilan. Just Cilan.
Come on, how can you resist this face?
When Brock returned for the Advanced Generation series I was a little puzzled. Misty always received more focus than him, so if someone had to come back, logic would dictate she would be this someone, not him. I'm not saying I hated Brock coming back, but his existence lost its meaning in AG; we had Ash and May working hard to get their Badges and Ribbons, and Brock sharing the small role of commentator with little genius Max. It was as if Brock was there only to cook, as Max explained perfectly the type advantages and the effects of moves for the children watching the show. So AG came to an end and DP arrived, and despite not having to share the role of commentator, Brock still had a small participation in the series. He had his moments, of course, his career as a Breeder finally received some focus and Croagunk helped renew his running gag, but nothing he got compares to what Ash and Dawn experienced.

I started to like Cilan soon after he made his debut. He's bubbly and flamboyant and I like that. He seemed refreshing and promising, especially with the whole Connoisseur thing. He alone was able to entertain me, unlike Brock, who always needed a pretty woman and someone to drag him away. Unfortunately, all I needed to know about Connoisseurs was explained in Burgundy's debut episode, they are the human version of Pokétch's Friendship Checker. I was waiting for Cilan to receive some development, but all the writers did was put the word Connoisseur in his hobbies, and I started to think Cilan has too many hobbies. Dawn loves fashion, May loves shopping, Tracey loves drawing, and Cilan loves everything. Instead of defining his personality and working on it over the episodes, the writers are giving Cilan something new to love from time to time. If tomorrow they decide to do a nightclub episode, Cilan will be the DJ Connoisseur, and that makes him look like a blank page to me.

Both of them could have received a better story, but my vote goes to Brock. His character had several problems, but I knew he was a womanizer, I knew he was a mature guy who was always there to offer advice to his friends, and I knew he was an expert in natural medicine, because he was a solid character.
Everyone is, of course, perfectly entitled to their own opinion. So no disrespect whatsoever is intended when I say this...but...

When I voted, and saw that Cilan is currently winning this...

I died a little bit inside.
Overall, Brock (Kanto-Hoenn) is my favorite. I felt he was still really active in the group, and he was interesting/fresh to me. A really wise mentor who's dependable and who you can relate to.

I like Cilan too, though. He's funny, and I like how flamboyant and eccentric he is. "IT'S TASTING TIME!" XD.

There are moments like when Cilan evaluates Dawn's battling style that are priceless (he freaks her out). :D

The connoisseur card is being used and abused WAY too much lately, though. He's a Connoisseur of practically everything. -_-

My least favorite is Sinnoh's incarnation of Brock, but he's still alright. He had his moments, but the lack of screen-time was really sad to see, and the way he made it to Sinnoh made no sense at all. Ash had to take a ferry, but Brock could just take a truck "hitchiking from Pewter City" in Kanto with some Southern lady called Claudina to reach there? Not likely. XD.

The whole "Croagunk- Poison Jab" thing got old very quickly as well.
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Cilan feels like Brock Light, with a stupid gimmick on that he's connoisseur of every-single-thing. You could at least see how Brock evolved from being a gym leader to a breeder to a doctor, and you can see how he keeps on maturing (whilst still being hormonal as balls, tho). Cilan is just ... bland.
I guess Brock for now! I haven't really watched enough episodes of BW to form an opinion of him but I'm starting to watch them and who knows! Maybe my opinion will change, we'll have to wait and see c:
Oh wow, I broke the tie on this one. As much as I loved Brock, he just started getting old and stale. Cilan is cooler, cuter, and has an even more fun character, imo. :3
Takeshi was cool in the anime before Jouto came around, then he was simply alright, but when AG/DP came around I was like "DUDE, JUST LEAVE ALREADY." His return in AG ruined the heartfelt splitting up the group had at the end of the original series and ruined some of the freshness of AG, and his return in DP was pretty much "WHY DID YOU LEAVE IF YOU'RE GONNA COME BACK ANYWAY?!" Doesn't help that his character became stale and boring during AG, and from what I've seen from DP, his presence was no longer what it used to be. The Greggle running gag was funny at first, but it quickly became as stale as his character. Sad, because he was AWESOME in the original Kanto saga.

Dent > Post-OS Takeshi, for sure.
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I tied it! XD I wasn't expecting it to be that close. XD

But I have to say Brock. Aside from being able to turn a frying pan into a drying pan, I just like his character better. Plus, a lot of Pokemon became my favorites because of him. Namely Crobat.
Brock's Ludicolo was cool...too bad it didn't battle more.
Brock was amazing in OS, still good in AG, but just alright in DP, IMO. DP Brock was just kinda dull and a boring character...really killed the amazing character he is to me. Still, he had his moments in DP, and I can't deny that.

Cilan's flamboyance and awesome character in BW were great at first, but lately his flair has died down a bit in more recent episodes of BW. Still a good character, though. Always enjoy what he does on the show. :D

Overall, I prefer Brock. However, I prefer Cilan to DP's version of Brock, myself.
Kanto/Johto Brock > AG Brock > Cilan >>>>> DP Brock.

Cilan is a good character, even if he's not as interesting as Brock was in the older seasons. Sadly it seems like Cilan will only be around for 3 seasons, compared to Brock's like...12, so I guess its a short run compared to a long run. I find Cilan's charm to be amusing and is the star of some good episodes.
Kanto/Johto Brock > AG Brock > Cilan >>>>> DP Brock.

Cilan is a good character, even if he's not as interesting as Brock was in the older seasons. Sadly it seems like Cilan will only be around for 3 seasons, compared to Brock's like...12, so I guess its a short run compared to a long run.

Completely agreed!
I liked Brock in the older season's and in the last episode he was in ),: Um I do like Cilan though just probably not as much as I like Brock.
I wasn't really ever a big fan of either, but if I had to choose it'd be Cilan. It might be because of his "newness," but I'm not tired of seeing him just yet like I was Brock. Also, his food metaphors are a little more on the subtle side and Brock's constant falling for ladies got annoyong a long time ago.
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