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Controversial opinions

I actually kind of like Go’s Rotom Phone going “Nice!”, “Great!”, and “Excellent!” after Go catches something. Their enthusiasm makes me happy for them.

That's reminding me of Pokemon Go with the various levels of aiming on ball throws.
I dont get why Lucario is so popular
Well, to answer with my own opinion (feel free to disagree), I like his design, even though the concept is kinda weird if you think about it (an anubian jackal ninja?), it was useful for me when I used one in Pokémon X, and it's blue.
I don't really get Lucario's popularity either, and this is coming from someone who still considers Lucario and the Mystery of Mew to be one of the best Pokemon movies. I think it's a perfectly fine Pokemon, I just don't think it's amazing.
Lucario is popular cause.. well everybody knows why of course ...

Cause movie 8 was cool also Aurasphere is a cool move...not any furry business arround here...

Now seriously Lucario has a nice type combo, knows nice moves amd have nice stats also Riolu is really cute and I like it or thats why I tought cause my Anti Ash clause makes me hate any Pokemon Ash has and makes me love any Pokémon Team Rocket gets.

You want a proof? Search every playtrough of black and White 2 and you will see how everybody and their mother have a Lucario in his team since it was the first game where you could get it really early.

I dont know if this is controversial but for me the gatcha machine is a spit in the face of previous Team Rocket mons. Why they could not have their own mons, if you want the gatcha put Butch and Cassidy or Matori but not to Jessie and James.

View: https://twitter.com/OoCPokemon/status/1251541161925279744
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Anime should be more like Pokemon Adventures

Ash should travel with Gary instead of his new boyfriend

I hate Serena

Team Rocket needs to kick rocks

Reduce anime filler episodes by 30%

end the anime, let other studios do Pokemon
People are saying this series is the best series ever cause it's different from Sun and Moon and we are having different things like Dragonite and Riolu.

People have to remember that up to this point (24 episodes) Black and White was really good and XY was not that good.

It's not important how you begin but how you end and how you reach that end.
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