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Dreams of new artwork come true: Final images surface on Pokémon Dream World

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Alright, new artwork! I thought they forgot about the Pokemon that weren't given the treatment like Ferrothorn and Golurk, but they finally appeared. Now for the artwork of the three unreleased event Pokemon.

Thanks for reading.
That's a thumbnail, this is the full version.

I'm talking about Pidgeot's proportions. Notice how tiny it's body seems compared to it's feet. It's like someone stuck a Pidgey on those giant feet.
New Dream World art, hmm? I wonder if they've got Victini's DW art in this?

I'm planning on using that on my next DW expedition...
Victini's art has been up since September. ;)

And by the way, Keldeo, Meloetta and Genesect still just 404.
Every Pokemon... except for female Unfezant. Even the jellyfish got different illustrations; why no love for the birds? :bawl:
Try sending a jellyfish -- back on the Japanese site all jellyfish turned blue lol, since they use a forme counter to choose the art shown and not the gender. Not sure if the same glitch exists in the new site though.
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