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Contest Electivire VS Magmortar

Magmortar looks cooler. But Ewire is more useful. Magmortar it is because looks matter more to me than competitive.
Magmortar, Magmar needed that badass evolution. Elecatbuzz was cool enough without an evolution (imo Electabuzz looks a much better than Vire), when Magmar was a ugly butt face. And cannons as arms, how could someone resist that?
Magmortar's family will never be good-looking, so choosing Electivire in this respect is not fair. Magmortar is also denied of a special ability while Electivire is blessed with it is also not fair. You may think that life isn't fair, but this is not life, but a game. However, even then, I will still consider Magmortar my preference. I just find Electivire dull.
Let's see...For me, Electivire has the better design, plus it can learn Earthquake, which would deal some massive damage to Magmortar on the first move, since its speed is higher. If Magmortar does survive, however, it can also learn both Earthquake and SolarBeam, so...Electivire still wins. XD
I actually centered a team around Electivire on Shoddy. And it works. Can you do that with a Magmortar? Nope.
OMFG do you even have to ask? Electivire is awesome! Magmortar is just plain ugly! Like LickiLickiWotev! It has a freakin' cannon on its arms! How much more desperate can you get?! They just ruined Magmar!
Which one has the better design? Electivire by far. Magmortar's design is somewhat disappointing.
Which one do you prefer in-game? Electivire. Used to have one I enjoyed using when I still played competitively.
Which one would win in a fight? Electivire. Faster, gets Earthquake. You do the math. :V

It's kind of sad. I normally like Fire types more, but Electivire wins without effort for me.
Magmortar is a bit disappointing to me...

Electivire has a awesome attack stat and the speed and moves to use it. Magmortar, while having a good special attack, is pretty slow, frail, and has a more limited special movepool. And why doesn't it get something like Flash Fire since Electivire gets Motor Drive?

Now for the design. I expected something a bit more streamlined and cat-like for an Electabuzz evolution, but I do like Electivire's bulky look and wire-like tails. Magmortar, on the other hand, looks extremely disproportionate with tiny legs and a pretty chubby body. Not at all what I'd expect or want from a Magmar evolution. Also the pink doesn't look good on it at all. The creators should have just stuck with red, black, and yellow.

So yeah, Electivire has my vote.
I was really dissapointed by both of them. If had to pick one however I would go for Magmortar. Not because of it's sub-par stats or it's shallow movepool but because I just like his design more than Electivire's.

... (Which doesn't say anything tbh.)
Both are ugly but at the same time, they have interesting designs.
I prefer Magmortar's, so it gets my vote.

I don't care much about which is better battle-wise.
I like Electivire more even though these two arent my favorite Pokemon ever. Electivire is better looking than Magmortar, who I have to say is kinda ugly IMO. I also generally like Electric types more than Fire types. I used an Electivire in Soul Silver for the Elite 4 and was impressed, it was very good for battling, I sweeped Lance with it in fact.
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