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Guess the Pokemon!

isn't that gorebyss

They learn to fight by smashing their head scales together. The dueling strengthens both their skills and their spirits.
Nope. I want y'all to figure it out, so keep guessing!
It's: Jangmo-o!!!

This Pokemon uses an up-beat tempo and dance to drive away the bird Pokemon that prey on it's flower seeds.
Jet Butt (this is a joke from Mikey from Mandjtv) (Miraidon)

******* is covered in tough hide, so even getting hit by a car won't case this Pokemon. However, it is extremely susceptible to rain.

This Pokémon likes to transform into other things and prank people
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Though it’s able to capture prey by freezing its surroundings, it has trouble eating the prey afterward because its mouth is on top of its head.

Exhibiting great teamwork, they use their incisive to cut pieces out of any material that might be useful for a nest, then make off with my them.
Bibarel ?

A Pokémon with the sturdiest dual-typing in theory, but has so many weaknesses that it's not worth it.
what's with you and not sending pokedex entries..It is said that somewhere in the ocean lies an island where these gather. Only they live there.

*********'s body is made of a strange material that is flexible enough to stretch and shrink but also more durable than any metal.
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