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Guess the Pokemon!


Before attacking its enemies, it clashes its scales together and roars. Its sharp claws shred the opposition

And hey, guys, I think that we should make it that if the Pokémon is guessed wrong, the person who said the ‘Dex entry just te-enters it. I am the thread starter, btw

Although it’s skilled in a style of dynamic swimming that uses all its muscles, for some reason it lives on dry land.
Hitmonchan? I’m at a real blank at this one lol

It moves with blinding speed and lobs poison at foes. Featuring ******** as a main character is a surefire way to make a movie or comic popular.
Umm… Let’s see, I doubt it’s Breloom, Machoke, or anything like that. Maybe it’s Primeape?

This Pokémon absorbs negative emotions and turns them into energy. It’s popular with people who tend to think gloomy thoughts.
Lileep or Cradily? Oh yeah, a new rule has been instated to prevent “is it Staraptor?” when it’s Staravia so they just move on. Basically if you guess, you’re guessing the whole line. Makes it simpler, really

It’s a very cautious Pokémon. When it has no choice but to battle, it hides itself before attacking.
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