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Pokemon Hangman V2


Ongo Gablogian, the art collector
Mar 1, 2015
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Hello Everyone :D

First of all let me say a thankyou to @Rainbow Cloud for allowing me to revive this game, the last edition has had two years since it's last reply, so we agreed that this would be a good way to revitalise what was an extremely popular game on the forum. Another thanks goes out to @Max1996 as they had the original idea way back when, so thankyou to both of you! Below is copy and pasted from the last OP:

This game is essentially just the game Hangman but with Pokemon words.

The rules are as follows:

The player currently posting the word/phrase hides the word with the use of underscores, like this:

Arcanine -> _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

If the phrase you're thinking of consists of multiple words, you can use a hyphen to separate them, like this:

Ultra Ball -> _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _

The other players then take turns to guess the letters in the word/phrase as well as the word/phrase itself, incorrect guesses will result in a strike, after eight strikes have been given the round will end without a winner and the current player who is posting the word can post another. The player that correctly guesses the current word/phrase can then post a word of their own or if they wish to they can choose to pass on the opportunity to post a word to another player if they don't have a word in mind or don't feel like it at the time.

The players that are currently guessing the letters/phrase are limited to 1-3 guesses before they must allow the player who is posting the current word/phrase to respond to those guesses and update the games current status. Also only Pokemon-related words and or phrases are allowed in this game.

The game looks like this. (my word for this game was Blastoise)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Strikes: 0/8
Guesses so far: None.

(If someone were to have guessed an A, this would have been the result)

Yes there's an A

_ _ A _ _ _ _ _ _

Strikes: 0/8
Guesses so far: A

(If they then guessed a G, this would have been the result)

Sorry, no G

_ _ A _ _ _ _ _ _

Strikes: 1/8
Guesses so far: A, G

I'll go ahead and start the first word:

_ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _

Strikes: 0/8
Guesses so far:
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There's no M but there is an E!

_ _ _ _ _ - _ E _ _ _

Strikes: 1/8
Guesses so far: M, E
There is indeed one R!

_ _ T R A - _ E A _ T

Strikes: 1/8
Guesses so far: M, E, A, T, R
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