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Review JN104: Hyper Class! VS Dracaena of The Big Four!!

This was a great battle, right up until the very end when Uonoragon's Dragon Rush clashed with Onvern's Dragon Pulse yet somehow Onvern was the one to go down despite the fact Dragon Dive didn't even come close to making contact with it.

I was quite surprised Mega Tyltalis went down mid-battle... I was certain it was going to be the final bout. Also, when Satoshi ordered Dragon Dive to be used against it I'd totally forgot the fact Tyltalis gains the Fairy-type when Mega Evolved... so it's not just our hero who occasionally forgets type-matchups.

Uonoragon and Negigaknight are total bros now! I loved how they cheered for each other during their battle.
Look, I’m happy for Dracovish winning, but alongside Sirfetch’d technically drawing, that was a pretty poor battle.

It started off alright with Sirfetch’d parring Noviern, then leading to a Boomburst pin, but it just got worse from there. The rest felt really slow since it kept getting interrupted through exposition and all the switching, there wasn’t any notable strategies outside of damping Altaria’s cotton, and what’s more, that final clash between Noviern and Dracovish felt really rushed. It just lost its intensity.

Sirfetch’d hasn’t been shown off well here for my liking. Sirfetch’d just stands to be a poor-man’s Hawlucha, looking to take hits, then dish-out powerful returns, yet it has no versatility and here it was basically doing nothing, except from brute forcing it after its initial parry.
What a shame. This has really let me down, add this episode to the list of disappointing Journey episodes, for me.
Welp, not even an Elite Four's Noivern is immune to poor performance at the Lumiose Conference Stadium...

Also, a bit disappointed that a plain generic field was used for the battle, it almost looks like the blue clay fields they use in tennis :rolleyes:
Ash beating an E4 member for the first time! What a momentous occasion... that fell completely flat. Poor animation, practically no interesting choreography, culminating in a completely unbelievable victory for our hero. Guess I'll take solace in the fact they respected the type chart, for once. I was fully anticipating Dragon Rush working on M-Altaria.
If Ash is in 9th place then Paul must have beaten Flint (who was in 8th place) and is in 8th place himself.
It's interesting how Ash is supposed to jump into 8th place? He has to fight whoever is in 8th place.
Actually, no. He just needs to defeat someone else in the Ultra Class to grow at least one spot higher. He can't challenge number 8 unless he's in the Master Class.

At least in a way that matters. He could battle Cynthia, but it wouldn't affect his rank. It would probably just mean he has to pay for her ice cream if he loses.
Actually, no. He just needs to defeat someone else in the Ultra Class to grow at least one spot higher. He can't challenge number 8 unless he's in the Master Class.

Yep, they actually managed to make even more complicated to explain, especially for kids.
That's one of the PWC problems, as we have debated in past few weeks.

When Ash is number 15 and battles number 12 to get to 9th position, ehm, that is intuitively unnatural. But so be it, that's the way Anime has decided to ride.
But now he will be number 9 and challenging number, let's say 14, to get to 8th?

Good luck explaining that to 8-year old.
The animation in this episode definitely could have been better, but there were a lot of fun moments with Altaria battling Dracovish, with it hugging it with its cloud arms and then the water gun scene drenching it. Noviern was also dominating Sirfetch'd for the whole start of the battle, whelp.

At least both technically got wins, and Wikstrom returned. Hopefully the animation budget is being reserved for Master Class.
It takes talent to dedicate two consecutive episodes on building up a cast pokemon into becoming powerful and impressive and still having it come across as a chump.

Sirfetch’d, my dear, whatever happened to Detect? It’s been almost as pointless as Dragonite’s Hyper Beam.
I actually think it's kind of fitting Sirfetch'd is portrayed as weaker, he reminds me of a lot of Ash's older pokemon in that manner.
This battle was incredibly lame - Sirfetch’d only used two different moves, and it’s a shame because the episode before was great setup.
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