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Contest Kingler vs. Crawdaunt

I've used Kingler in the past games and in hg/ss. I adore its huge attack power but it has limited movepool.
I'd go for Crawdaunt. It also has huge attack power. And can learn Dragon Dance to cover up it's pathetic speed.

voted for Crawdaunt - it has a star on his head. that's so manly!
I dunno. I've never really used either in battle, and never had a particular inclination to use either. Of the two, though, Crawdaunt has more strategic potential with its added Dark typing, while I definitely prefer Kingler's design. It's a trade-off for me, but since I lean toward Pokémon whose appearances I like rather than just battle usability, I personally prefer Kingler.
Kingler has one giant arm that could choke most of the small Pokemon to death. Kingler gets my vote.
Crawdaunt. If they had a fight, Kingler would be screwed. Even though Kingler is faster, he can only walk sideways, and because of his GIANT FRICKEN CLAW, he cant jump. However, even though Crawdaunt Base Speed is 20 points lower then Kingler's, he is able to run and jump in any direction. Though Kinglers claw may be huge and powerful, it is heavy and reduces mobility as well as accuracy. It also makes him tired very quickly. All crawdaunt would have to do is run in circles and wear Kingler out. But, in terms of Apperance, Kingler wins by a longshot. Crawdaunt looks kinda like a bug, and that abnormal star-shaped growth on his head? I just dont like it.

In order to see Kingler for what he truely is, you have to look past the equation Big Claw=Powers, and also consider the equation Mobility-Big Claw.



The worth of having either on the average Pokemon teams is, based on what the team is for, is a tie.
I really like Kingler's depiction in the anime (can't get enough of that Cookie monster!), but Crawdaunt is more useful and better-looking overall.
I voted Kingler. I prefer his design over Crawdaunt's.
Which do you like more? Crawdaunt.

Which would win in a battle? Crawdaunt, because it has access to more diverse moves.

Which is more useful? Crawdaunt.

Besides, Crawdaunt has the better design.
Shizariger's design is better in my opinion.
Kingler is one of the Pokémon that looks too much like its real life counterpart, an this is a pretty bad thing to me.

Plus, Shizariger is a Dark type, that alone makes it be a better choice than a pure water type to me.

Crawdaunt has always looked like a prostitute to me due to the blue lips. looks like its wearing too much make up. Kingler isn't trying to sell me dirty products, so Kingler wins.

rofl xDD
Which do you like more? Kingler

Which would win in a battle? Kingler...x-scissor.

Which is more useful? Crawdaunt because of the dark typing.

I like both but I prefer Kingler and crabhammer :)
Like them both, but I'll go with Kingler, as it is faster, looks a bit cooler, and isn't as tough to raise at high levels as Crawdaunt due to its experience group.
Kingler is pretty cool, but Crawdaunt has the better design imo. And even though I rarely use either, Crawdaunt still saw a bit more use on a few teams of mine, so there is a slightly stronger connection there for me.
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